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Healing & Harps/ Subtle Energy & Spirits

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Carrol McLaughlin, Rich Ralston

In the first half, harpist, author and energy healer Carrol McLaughlin discussed her work as an energy healer, and participation in studies that show how harp music speeds up healing. The vibrations of the harp's strings go all the way into the human body, and can play a part in harmonizing a person's individual frequencies, she explained. Further, when someone has an area of weakness in the body, it's because it's not vibrating at its full frequency, "and with training, you can entrain that part of the body that's not in pitch and bring it into harmony or vibration with the rest of the body," she said. "Once the body is all talking to each other, real healing happens," she added.

In a healing experiment conducted at a hospital's ICU, McLaughlin played her harp for a number of patients, and it was found that 87% felt a reduction in pain without any change of their medications, she reported. At the hospital, she played for a man in a coma, and after seven minutes, he took off his breathing mask, and said 'thank you.' In another case, she was requested to play her harp for a patient headed to hospice, but after he heard the music, his doctor canceled the plans for hospice, as the patient's vital signs had improved so dramatically. She also shared methods and meditations to manifest healing and positive outcomes in one's life.


In the second half, clairvoyant energy worker Rich Ralston spoke about the techniques he uses to harness the abundant subtle energy around us, in order to help both people and spirits. Subtle energy doesn't really have barriers, "it goes through us, and around us; we're part of it, and it's everywhere," he revealed. Our bodies are composites of energy fields, with the chakras acting as revolving energy centers within various parts of the body, he detailed. The chakras vibrate to specific frequencies that are associated with certain colors and sounds, "and your aura which is the bubble around your body that holds all of the energy in, can expand and contract," and change as you go through different experiences and moods, he continued.

Ralston spoke about the soul, which he believes has two parts, a higher consciousness that rises to a higher dimension when we die, and a lower consciousness which holds the body in form and is connected to the earth. "When I'm crossing souls over, I'm either dealing with low souls or high souls. I'll go into graveyards and crossover hundreds of souls at one time, and most of them are the low souls that are attached to the earth," many of whom died under traumatic conditions that kept them lingering around, he remarked. Ralston shared that one of the most gratifying aspects of his work is empowering people to get rid of unwanted emotional blocks, and gain their personal power back.

News segment guests: Jeff Nelken, Dan Durda



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