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Presidents & Bankers / Dwarka & Ancient Tech

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In the first half, former Wall St. executive, Nomi Prins, now a journalist and commentator, discussed the interdependence between America's past 19 presidents to key bankers, and the shocking ways in which the same people, through blood, mentorship and other symbiotic collaborations impact American domestic and foreign policy. There is a definite imbalance of power, when it comes to the cozy relationship between the President's executive branch and bankers, relative to ordinary citizens who are at the bottom rung of power, she noted. Banks take the funds we've deposited, and use them to influence policy, and economies, as well as make an exorbitant amount of money, she continued.

She traced the current imbalance back to the financial Panic of 1907, when Pres. Teddy Roosevelt gave millions to J.P. Morgan, who ended up bailing out his friends' banks, and then in 1913, a group of powerful bankers formed the Federal Reserve. In 1971, bankers such as David Rockefeller and Walter Wriston of Citibank successfully lobbyed Pres. Nixon to get rid of the gold standard. This enabled them to leverage the deposits they had, and speculate more because they didn't have to hold gold behind them, creating a new era of unaccountability, she outlined. Now, for the past couple of decades, thing have been accelerating in the direction of bankers having more and more power, and the Presidents at this point, "don't even pretend to put any accountability on these bankers," Prins lamented.


In the latter half, researcher Jason Martell, talked about ancient advanced technologies, and megalithic monuments aligned with astronomical markers. He was joined for part of the conversation by fellow researcher Amish Shah to share their recent adventures in Dwarka, where an ancient underwater city has been discovered off the coast of India. Through sonar scanning done in the 1980s and 90s, the city was revealed to be twice the size of Manhattan, but it 's never been excavated, said Shah, who added that evidence of stone pieces worn around the neck during ancient wars was found at the location. It's possible that the submerged city could be part of the great lost culture of Atlantis, Martell suggested. More here.

There are hundreds of detailed ancient texts that include astronomical reference points, and geological information, and we can use star charts to pinpoint when the ancient events they wrote about took place, said Martell. Interestingly, in Egypt the Dendera Zodiac shows the skies above Giza at 8,000 BC-- thousands of years before the Egyptian culture should have existed, he marveled. Some of the best evidence for advanced ancient technology comes from samples of vitrification at megalithic sites, he continued. The huge structures were built without mortar, and the only way they could have done that was to have super heated the stones into a magma-like state, which implies the use of a sophisticated technology not associated with the ancients, he explained.

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