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Triangular UFOs

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Broadcasting from KEX-AM 1190 in Portland, Oregon, George Noory welcomed UFO researcher David Marler (book link), who provided an update on his investigation into triangular-shaped craft. "These triangular UFO reports are ever-increasing in frequency," he marveled about the massive, silent, three-sided objects. Although his research has uncovered reports of triangular craft as far back as the 19th century, Marler observed that, in the last 20 to 30 years, encounters with these objects has seemingly surged. The trend has grown so noticeable that he expressed some consternation that it may be "building up to something" and suggested that the government be more vigilant about the phenomenon despite its previously benign behavior.

Marler also detailed a number of unique characteristics attributed to these triangular craft, including what witnesses have described as "star field camouflage." He explained that observers often report seeing "the silhouette of a triangular object yet, at the same time, it was semi-transparent," allowing the witness to glimpse a refracted view of the stars above the craft. Another mystery surrounding the objects, he noted, is that, unlike other UFO encounters, there are no reports of these vehicles taking off or landing. While Marler acknowledged theories that the triangular craft could be secret government projects, he pointed out that they have yet to be utilized in any military context and are frequently sighted over large urban population centers, suggesting that they may actually be designed to monitor civilians.

McMinnville UFO Event

In the first hour, legendary ufologist Stanton Friedman discussed the 1950 McMinnville UFO event as well as the latest on his research into flying saucers. Friedman detailed how a serendipitous UFO encounter in 1950 resulted in two fantastic pictures of the craft and generated widespread interest, both positive and negative, surrounding the case. He stressed that analysis of the photos showed no indication of a hoax and that the family who took the photos never attempted to profit from their fame. Later in his appearance, Friedman also reflected on the passing of Dr. Roger Leir, whom he commended for his "courage and skill" in tackling the controversial subject of alien implants.

The final hour was a replay of Open Lines from 1/18/13, featuring callers sharing their 'near death' stories.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde & Peter Davenport


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