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Dulce & Crypto-Hunting

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"Crypto Hunter" John Rhodes discussed Reptilian-Humanoids, various cryptids and anomalies, as well as the enduring mysteries surrounding Dulce, New Mexico. Native Americans have long had lore about the Dulce area, including a mythos that their ancestors came from an underworld of ice caverns and caves in the mesas. The locals consider these areas sacred and are rather secretive about them, he noted. Not only has the US government constructed underground facilities at places like Dulce to seek protection, but so have visiting ET cultures, Rhodes suggested.

Underground bases could also be the habitat for "crypto-terrestrials," which he described as "species indigenous to Earth, and part of our ecosystem, or others who have lived here so long they consider themselves terrestrials." Rhodes believes such species may intermingle with ETs, and govt./military/corporate personnel. According to accounts about the Dulce base, there wasn't just experimentation on humans, but "there were Reptilian aliens seen in cages as well...and they were being genetically experimented on," he cited. Rhodes spoke about taking a tour of Seguro Canyon, north of Dulce, where witnesses saw a red luminous ball enter into a rock that opened up like a hangar door.

Reptilian humanoids reportedly have a more subtle density, as they can appear as transparent or travel through walls, Rhodes detailed. He also shared his research into the nature of the number 64 as a kind of embedded code that relates to significant patterns found in the fundamental building blocks of our reality. 64-based patterns include the I Ching hexagram, and the Chess board, which he called an ancient metaphysical, magic object.

Undersea Tampering

First hour guest, known as the "whale whisperer" and frequently seen on Animal Planet, Patricia Cori, reported on how our oceans are under attack by "sonar blasts" from the Navy which are adversely affecting whales, dolphins, and other marine life. The military plans to expand their exercises in the oceans, which includes bombing, chemical tests, extreme sonar, laser testing, electromagnetic weapons, and these tactics can interfere with the whales and dolphins ability to use echolocation to navigate the waters, she said. Cori further suggested that whales and dolphins may communicate with underwater alien bases, and the military could have a diabolical agenda to deter their abilities.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Lauren Weinstein

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