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Psychic medium Darrin Owens discussed his lifetime of work with the supernatural as well as the various planes of existence in which paranormal entities reside. According to him, the "supernatural realms" that harbor these forces range from the sinister to the divine and have a profound influence on our everyday life here on Earth. One such dimension is the 'dark realm,' a place which houses demonic beings, fallen angels, and negative thought forms. This realm is also the home to "vengeful spirits," Owens said, which are souls that died traumatically or took the lives of others and are so consumed with rage that they cannot pass over to a more positive supernatural place. While not a believer in a literal Hell, he conceded that the 'dark realm' was the closest manifestation to that infamous location.

Other supernatural territories described by Owens included the 'nature realm,' where "faerie folks" are tasked with "keeping the ecosystem going strong" and rebuking humans who do not respect the wildlife around them. Additionally, he talked about a 'multidimensional realm' that is inhabited by paranormal entities such as Bigfoot, UFOs, and Mothman. To that end, he shared the story of encountering the infamous Foulke Monster in Arkansas and being provided with insights into its nature. Owens revealed that he was told by the cryptid that they are "guardians of the Earth" which have been here "almost since creation" and can leave our dimension at will. Ultimately, Owens detailed how the 'supernatural realms' continue in ascending levels which include fields that encompass ghosts, angels, and reach a zenith at the 'source realm' that is the home to the ultimate creator of all things.

Over the course of the evening, Owens also talked about his work with exorcisms, energy healing, and using "occult tools" to aide in "psychic protection and spiritual cleansing." He explained that salt is a powerful instrument which can be used to garner protection from potential dark forces. As an example of how to use salt to bless one's home, Owens advised adding it to water, praying over the concoction, and then sprinkling it around all the corners of the house. Regarding exorcisms, he dismissed the extreme depiction of the act in films and likened it to being simply "a form of vibrational healing" where fear is transformed into love and "removing negativity out of our energy system."

The Power of Meditation

In the first hour, author and psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin reacted to the recent study which claimed that meditation can provide people with an edge in becoming more successful. He suggested that meditation can be a powerful exercise because it allows people to take a break from the stressful emotions of their everyday lives and find peace with themselves. He also asserted that meditation is the "exact opposite" of medication, since the latter practice indicates to people that they cannot control themselves or their bodies and, thus, need outside help to do so. During his appearance, Breggin also talked about the archaic practice of shock treatment therapy which is still used by some psychiatrists despite never being proven to be effective in helping people.

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