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In honor of George Noory's birthday, Coast to Coast partied in grand style with special guests, each half hour, joining the program to help celebrate another complete orbit around the sun for George. The first arrival for the festivities was author and Nostradamus scholar, John Hogue, who looked ahead to the 2016 presidential election and beyond. Hogue expressed a strong feeling that Hillary Clinton would, barring a health crisis, become the next president of the United States. He also forecast Brazil emerging as a major world power as the 21st century unfolds as well as how Middle East unrest could ultimately result in World War III between the United States and Russia.

In the latter half of the second hour, investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts talked about the current state of the economy. Despite seemingly positive news about employment figures trumpeted in the mainstream media, she noted that "the per capita income has been falling steadily." In order to fix the economy, she said, we must identify the problems and forces that caused the crisis in the first place and suggested that clandestine space research may be the true basis for the "entire financial model of the planet." Fitts also warned about the potential loss of individual freedoms if the world becomes a cashless society.

Psychic Joseph Jacobs joined the party in the first half of the third hour and reflected on how 2014 has been a particularly difficult year that has been rife with tragedies and disasters. To that end, he revealed his sense of the events surrounding the missing Malaysian airliner, saying that he felt that there was some kind of struggle aboard the plane and that it was "maneuvered by someone who knew the technology," but this person wasn't necessarily the pilot or co-pilot. Jacobs also predicted a "fairly big" earthquake in California that may occur sometime in July.

Popping into the program next was documentary filmmaker James Fox, who recalled how positive UFO coverage in the mainstream media seemed to be on the rise during the mid-2000's, yet appears to have dissipated in recent years. That said, Fox was hopeful that his upcoming film, 701, will help usher in a new wave of interest in the subject from the media. Beyond that, he talked about some of the research that has been done for the film, the UFO sighting which sparked his interest in the phenomenon, and memories of interviewing Stephen Hawking.

At the top of the 4th hour, author and expert on the paranormal, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, discussed the power of dreams. She marveled that "our dreams are an amazing link to other realities and even to our own future." Guilley observed that even the most innocuous and seemingly unimportant details of dreams can hold powerful significance to the life of the dreamer and, thus, should not be overlooked when interpreting these experiences. Precognitive dreams as well as demons, both conjured purposefully or inadvertently, were other topics covered during her appearance.

The final guest of the evening was author Lionel Fanthorpe, who recounted the tale of the 'Hairy Hands of Dartmoor,' which he described as the most mysterious legend he's encountered throughout his years of research. According to Fanthorpe, the story dates back to around 1920 and began when a motorcyclist in England claimed that a pair of hairy, disembodied hands yanked his bike off the road. Over the next century, Fanthorpe said, numerous witnesses have had encounters with these bizarre hirsute hands. He also recalled narrowly avoiding death while racing his motorcycle around an ancient castle for a TV series in England.

Luck & Synchronicity

In the first hour, intuitive researcher and filmmaker David Wilcock discussed luck and synchronicity. He defined the latter phenomenon as "the appearance of seemingly unrelated events that have a mysterious similarity to each other" which shouldn't appears to defy the laws of science. Wilcock suggested that synchronicity is the result of a shared "telepathic interconnectedness" amongst humans. Regarding luck, he contended that it is a manifestation of karma and, as such, whether one has good or bad luck is dependent upon the energy they put out into the world. Ultimately, Wilcock called for a "paradigm reboot," where humanity reexamines all facets of the sciences and begins to incorporate metaphysical concepts into our understanding of the world around us.

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