Worst Case Scenarios / Planet X

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Worst Case Scenarios / Planet X

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In the first half, author and preparedness expert Mat Stein talked about various worst case scenarios such as a solar flare knocking out the grid, and what people can do to cope with such an event. He reported that the US govt. recently passed a new regulation-- "reliability standards for geomagnetic disturbance operations," which on the surface sounds like a good thing. But it's actually a smokescreen written by the power/electricity industry to protect them from liabilities in the event that the grid gets fried in a solar storm, he revealed. Stein believes that if we enter a prolonged grid-down situation, such as from an EMP or extreme solar storm, it's almost certain to cause multiple Fukushima-like events across America.

He has identified a number of trends, each of which are potential civilization busters, and these may be forming into the "perfect storm" for collapse. Natural systems are declining with a record number of extinctions, another financial bubble is on the horizon, and human-induced climate change has altered the chemistry of the atmosphere and the oceans, he outlined. One of Stein's survival tips for those in a crisis situation is a "pit of the stomach exercise," in which a person evaluates different choices from a feeling perspective, rather than rational, linear thought. He also touched on the recent death of his wife from cancer and her refusal to try alternative treatment until it was too late.


In the latter half, author and publisher Marshall Masters provided an update on what he considers evidence for an object on the other side of the sun, which he refers to as Planet X or Nibiru, a mini-constellation with a brown dwarf sun at the center that is inbound in our solar system. He said he's faced various attacks and suppression attempts in trying to bring this information to the public, and that the Vatican actually ordered all Planet X books to be "returned to the distributors for destruction." He also stated that various surveillance and camera systems have had public access revoked when they started revealing evidence of Nibiru in their images.

Masters believes that the extreme weather Earth has been experiencing is a harbinger of Nibiru nearing, and is fairly convinced that by 2016, there will be naked eye visibility of it in the skies all around the globe. When it does draw close, all the oceans will come out of their basins, creating a Noah-like flood on Earth, he warned. What do you believe about Planet X? Take the C2C Instapoll. For more, check out a series of videos called Planet X 101 in which Masters offers visual counterparts to his conclusions.

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