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Reptoids & Cryptids / New Age Physics

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In the first half, cryptozoologist John Rhodes talked about the mystery of what ate a great white shark, and shared updates on the Reptoids and other strange creatures. In the case of the devoured 9 ft. shark, the discovery came about because it was wearing a research/tracking tag, which turned up on an Australian beach. Data from the tag indicated "it must have been a larger animal that grabbed hold of the shark and pulled him down," which suggests that some huge unknown sea predator could be out there, Rhodes remarked. Purported sea monsters, such as Nessie, have in common the depth of their habitat, which makes them less susceptible to cosmic radiation, so their evolutionary changes would probably be much slower, he added.

Regarding the history of Reptoid beings on Earth, he believes that as recently as around 52,000 years ago, reptilian humanoids ruled the planet, though they lived underground. They saw the Earth as their planet, and evolved from the dinosaurs, he said. Then, a disaster happened on Mars, "and the military elite on Mars took refuge on the surface of the Earth and they appeared as the white tall giants," and tinkered with local hominids to make a slave race. But the reptilians didn't approve of this and offered the new humans the seed of knowledge (possibly through a hallucinogenic plant), as alluded to in the story of Adam and Eve, Rhodes postulated.


In the latter half, a pioneer in the annals of metaphysical and paranormal exploration, Dr. Richard Alan Miller discussed such topics as geo-engineering (chemtrails), engineered water, future warfare, alternative agriculture, and ESP induction. Multinational corporations have sought to control the population through such things as GMOs, and "now what they're doing is weaponizing epigenetics...they're attacking us in our foods, now it'll be the air we breathe, and of course privatization of water," he warned. Regarding the composition of chemtrail sprays, he said they contain a small bacteria that acts like a nano-body and generates a polymer structure, which rips moisture out of the air. Intriguingly, he suggested that Morgellon's disease comes from a kind of nematode that was developed in space experiments.

Miller described his work as a physicist for the Navy Seals developing a protocol to enhance their abilities, accessing ESP-like abilities. He also detailed his study of structured water-- different chemical variations of water which can have various benefits and properties. Most illnesses, he stated, are the result of dehydration, and EZ water which has a negative charge, is more alkaline than regular water.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Christian Wilde

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