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Ministry of Exorcism

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A Catholic priest for over 34 years, Archbishop Ron Feyl discussed his interaction with demons via exorcism rituals as the Chief Exorcist for The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel. Demonic spirits are waiting for someone to open the door for them, such as when people use a Ouija board, inviting some type of entity to come through, he explained. Before an exorcism takes place, his Order sends a team of paranormal investigators who conduct first contact interviews, look for signs of the supernatural, and submit an assessment report. If we suspect a demonic possession, then we require a medical and psychological examination of the disturbed person before moving forward, he stated.

The Archbishop detailed a checklist of items/questionnaire that is reviewed with the family members or close associates of someone suspected of possession, which involve mental and physical changes. These included sudden weight loss or gain, hostile attitude to religious objects, change in the way they dress or personal hygiene, attempting to hurt animals, night terrors, different or multiple personalities, and blackouts. Among the stranger effects, he listed long periods without blinking eyes, speaking a language they couldn't possibly know, or speaking in more than one voice at the same time, change in eye color or features, and ability to predict the future or know past events or people they shouldn't know about it.

Additionally, the possessed have been seen to levitate. "I witnessed this a half-a-dozen times. In the most impressive case of this scenario, the person was lifted about 8 feet above the mattress they were laying on," said Feyl. Objects have also been known to disappear or go flying about the room, and unnerving knocking, tapping, or growling sounds can be heard, he continued. A foul odor or stench like rotten eggs or sulfur is also sometimes present. A person can be cured of demonic possession in just one session, but in other cases it may take up to 50 sessions over a year-- "if it's a multiple possession, the odds are it's going to take a lot longer," he noted.

Time Travel Research

First half-hour guest, physicist Wallace Thornhill commented on new time travel research in Australia. While the researchers found evidence for photons communicating across time, they are merely playing around with mathematical formulas and in no way are moving toward the building of a device that could transport humans to the past or future, he remarked.

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In a time travel experiment on the quantum level, researchers have simulated the interaction between two photons (particles of light) moving through time. The experiment, conducted at the University of Queensland in Australia, showed it's possible for a photon inside a wormhole to interface with a photon traveling through regular space-time. More here.

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