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Miraculous Journey / Government Secrets

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In the first half, Whitley & Anne Strieber talked about their new book, Miraculous Journey dealing with Anne's fight with a brain tumor and unusual experiences surrounding it. During a brain hemorrhage, she had a NDE, and went to a place she characterized as the "world of the dead," which was like a busy train or bus station with "weird submarine lighting." She saw people carrying huge packages and overflowing suitcases-- but she realized that in order to board the transportation you had to put the packages down, which she interpreted as letting go of resentments and needing to forgive people before moving on.

She described subsequently hearing a psychically attuned voice in her head telling her to get back in touch with her goddaughter, who turned out to be in desperate need. Whitley shared some of the alternative treatments they'd been using for Anne's cancer, in addition to traditional medical care. He found some natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals including cannabis, as well as Boswellia (based on frankincense) for reducing inflammation. Whitley also spoke about the missing Malaysian jet, and terrorism concerns.


In the second half of the show, John Greenewald discussed his new website Government Secrets, which has an editorial/exposé bent to accompany his Black Vault site, in which he's made over 4,500 FOIA (Freedom of Information) requests to nearly every agency, and has received a staggering 1.3 million pages of material. He has recently received documents from Intellipedia, a kind of Wikipedia for the intelligence community that is considered secret and not for the public. He found out that the NSA controlled Intellipedia, and through his FOIA requests he received an entry on UFOs-- though it curiously contained only a screenshot of a UFO from a 1950s movie.

He has concluded that some formerly classified documents are being purged, as when he made a request for material on JAL Flight 1628-- a prominent 1986 UFO case, the documents were suddenly declared as destroyed. Recently, the US Air Force was called by Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post about documentation that showed the Air Force was still investigating UFOs. Literally, about 48 hours after his initial inquiry,the entire section on UFOs was deleted from the Air Force manual, said Greenewald, who took this for evidence of cover-up. Interestingly, he believes that Edward Snowden's revelations about NSA spying may have been set up by the US government as the NSA now responds to all FOIA requests as "they can neither confirm nor deny" specific information.

News segment guests: Dannion Brinkley, Karen Dahlman

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