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Jet Crashes / Alien Anomalies

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In the first half, former police officer specializing in accident investigation, James Sanders, offered analysis of the Malaysian jet crash in Ukraine, as well as insights into the downing of TWA Flight 800, on its 18th anniversary. From what little information is available, it appears that the pro-Russian separatists shot down the Malaysian jet thinking it was a military plane, he remarked. Sanders pondered whether there could be a connection between the downed Malaysian Boeing 777 and the airliner's Flight 370 that disappeared back in March. Regarding Flight 370, "there is so little possibility that it actually went down in the ocean, and there was no reasonable possibility it went down where they were searching-- that was just a scheme to get the media out from where the plane actually was, which was most likely Somalia, or Yemen or somewhere in that area," he suggested.

Sanders reviewed witness testimony in the 1996 explosion of Flight 800 over the shores of Long Island, New York. FBI 'Witness 73' was standing on a beach and watched the 747 fly out of JFK, and said that in her peripheral view she saw a missile come up below the plane, and make a sharp left turn to hit it, he recounted. Another witness, Mike Wire, was on a bridge looking out toward the ocean, and described seeing a missile pop up along the roof line (Wire's testimony in a recent CNN special on Flight 800 was cut short, Sanders noted). Sanders has concluded that a small plane manned by terrorists was in the area and planned to knock out Flight 800, but a Navy missile intended for the small plane ended up hitting the TWA flight instead.


In the latter half, author L.A. Marzulli discussed his latest research, which is featured in his new documentary "Watchers 8: Cloak of Secrecy" (view trailer). He and director Richard Shaw attended what turned out to be the last alien implant removal surgery conducted by Dr. Roger Leir, before he passed away back in March. At the surgery, the small object in an alien abductee's leg seemed to allude ultrasound detection even though it had showed up before. After Marzulli said a short prayer, the object seemed to suddenly materialize on the ultrasound, he stated. Dr. Leir told Marzulli "I now believe there's a supernatural component to the phenomenon."

Marzulli detailed his return trip to Peru where he continued his research into anomalous elongated skulls, as well as megalithic structures. One skull that came out of Chongos Necropolis had hair that was strawberry blonde, he noted, which didn't match the hair colors of the locals. He also talked about the alien abduction experiences of Captain Robert Salas, and UFOs found in the infrared spectrum. Marzulli believes that rather than aliens being ETs, they are fallen angelic beings-- the Nephilim, spoken about in the Bible.

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