Past Lives & Hypnotherapy

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Past Lives & Hypnotherapy

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Medical hypnotherapist Dr. Elena Gabor joined host Richard Syrett for a discussion about past life regression therapy. Through deep hypnosis subjects-- people who have the ability to channel information from the Universal Mind, she has accumulated knowledge about how the soul, spirit, and the subconscious function. Interestingly, even though she conducts past life regressions, she believes that such lives are not really in the past, but run simultaneously with our own existence. "Time doesn't really exist, it's just a human concept," she explained.

In a hypnotic regression session, she typically works with clients who have specific problems-- psychological or physical. Rather than suggest to them that they return to a previous life, she tells them to go to the source of their problem. The therapy is based on the idea that consciousness survives physical death, and that the various lives of a soul can influence each other, with talents, behaviors, and vulnerabilities arising in a current life. "Past life regression therapy helps identify the causes of our current life issues or health challenges," she said, and by accessing the initial trauma, one can resolve or dissipate the negative feelings associated with that trauma.

During the regression, clients detach from the knowledge they have in their current existence, and merge with the knowledge of the other life, and speak from that perspective, she outlined. In some cases, a soul can split into multiple incarnations, concurrently living on the planet, she noted. "The soul is the subconscious level of the mind or awareness, and the spirit is the higher self, or super conscious level of awareness," Dr. Gabor continued, adding that at the highest level of evolution, we reunite with the source itself.

Guantanamo & Secret Diaries

First hour guest, investigative journalist Jason Leopold spoke about his work for Al Jazeera America, as well as uncovering the secret diaries of Guantanamo detainee, Abu Zubaydah, which were leaked to him. According to a military source, the majority of prisoners at Guantanamo are actually innocent, but are being held for bounty. There would be too much political fallout if they were to be released, Leopold reported. There are numerous claims about Zubaydah, such as he was involved in planning certain terrorist attacks, but the evidence doesn't bear this out, said Leopold, who added that his diaries are a fascinating glimpse into how a young man, who grew up in an upper-middle-class family in Saudi Arabia, eventually became radicalized.

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