Protecting the Grid / Dream Predictions

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Protecting the Grid / Dream Predictions

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In the first half, retired policy analyst for the Department of Defense for 23 years, and now currently writing political and policy analysis for World Net Daily, Michael Maloof, warned of the dangers of an EMP attack. Aligning with George Noory's campaign to protect the grid, Maloof outlined how either a nuclear attack in the atmosphere or intense solar flares could cripple everything from daily routines to national defense. A solar flare could be the most imminent threat, as we are at the peak of an 11-year sun cycle, he commented, adding that if a sunspot is positioned in a certain way, the Earth could take a direct hit from a flare.

During his years at the Defense Dept., he kept tabs on the number of countries developing nuclear weapons and delivery systems, beyond Russia and China. Maloof expressed particular concern over North Korea, which now has the ability to launch an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) missile into orbit, and detonate over any location. The cost of hardening or insulating the grid is around $1 billion, he estimated, and though a grid-protection bill passed in the US House, it was rejected by the Senate, partially because the utility companies don't want to incur additional costs, he said. While some states have begun to take individual action, Maloof noted that state and local emergency services take their cue from the Dept. of Homeland Security, which he believes needs to add EMP as one of its 15 national planning scenarios.


In the latter half, Chris McCleary, the Director of the National Dream Center, which collects, analyzes, and reports daily on various types of dream topics, discussed his Dream Bot experiments, which focus on precognitive dreams. One of the biggest themes or linguistic phrases that's popped up in his database, is "Sky flash," which he connected to a subsequent volcanic eruption in Italy. "Running from violence" is another phrase that came up.

McCleary also spoke about his Project August, in which people incubate dreams (place an intention before going to sleep) about newsworthy events that will happen in August 2014, and then record in his database. He believes that dreaming, like remote viewing, accesses a different brain state, which can put people in touch with a "timeless nature."

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