Geoengineering & Weather Manipulation

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Geoengineering & Weather Manipulation

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Climate engineering, also referred to as geoengineering, is the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system. Host Rob Simone (email) welcomed two experts, Dane Wigington, in the first half of the program, and Scott Stevens, in the latter half, for a discussion on how the Earth's weather systems are being deliberately manipulated. Beyond the damage that tinkering with the atmosphere has on the environment, Wigington declared that weather manipulation, conducted via clandestine programs such as HAARP and chemtrail spraying, also constitutes an "all out assault on life on Earth." To that end, he contended that the rise in deaths caused by respiratory illnesses as well as the explosion in both autism and Alzheimer's disease can be seen to coincide with the emergence of chemtrail spraying.

On a broader level, Wigington suggested that natural disasters, such as hurricanes, typhoons, and earthquakes, are being created by programs like HAARP as a way of allowing the United States to gain a foothold in foreign territories under the cover of humanitarian relief. He pointed to Thailand refusing to let the United States build an airbase in their country in 2011 and then subsequently being afflicted with record flooding shortly thereafter. Additionally, Wigington theorized that Middle East nations are subjected to intense droughts as a means of destabilizing regimes that the United States wishes to topple. "This whole situation is such a tangled web of corruption and insanity," he lamented, noting that those who control the weather are using their power and knowledge to benefit financially for the hardships that they create.

Joining the program in the latter half, meteorologist Scott Stevens talked about the origins of secret weather modification and the agenda behind it. According to him, the desire to control the weather arose in the Soviet Union at the advent of the Cold War as the Russians were desperate to gain a military advantage over the United States. This experimenting with geoengineering, Stevens said, culminated in the mid-1970's where the United States experienced bizarre weather conditions such as snow in Miami. Based on Stevens' research, the US Army revealed this secret weather war to President Reagan in 1984, which resulted in the creation of the Strategic Defense Initiative as well as America's entrée into geoengineering.

Stevens also claimed that the disasters which befell the Challenger and Columbia space shuttles were not mere accidents and, instead, "they were shoot downs," spawned from the ongoing international battle for control of the environment. He alleged that, at the time of the Challenger launch, there were Soviet ships off the coast of Cape Canaveral that insisted on being in the area for reasons that remain unknown. However, he said, "seventy-two seconds later, they blew the O-Ring and we lost the shuttle." Regarding the Columbia re-entry explosion, he cited a photograph taken by an amateur astronomer that showed a "right-angled, corkscrew lightning strike" which interjected with the path of the shuttle and caused it to disintegrate.

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