Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens


Scott Stevens was a television weatherman for twenty years before being intrigued by the chemtrail phenomenon, and the attendant potential that the planet's weather was being subjected to geo-engineering.

He went public about his observations in 2004, and was first a guest on Coast to Coast after hurricane Katrin in 2005. Since leaving television he has dedicated his time to furthering his understanding of the potential mechanisms used for geo-engineering but more broadly how they are used to manage the everyday weather processes, globally.

Stevens will soon begin a near-daily weather show focused on identifying these technologies at work impacting our daily weather. He currently resides in Crestone Colorado.

Past Shows:

  • Red Light Demons

    "Psychic Lawyer" Mark Anthony talked about soldiers in Vietnam who reported seeing demons while wearing red light lens night vision goggles. In the first hour, former TV weatherman Scott Stevens commented on weather anomalies in the news.More »
  • Bizarre Weather Patterns / Psychic & Medium Work

    Former TV weatherman Scott Stevens talked about extreme weather and climate modification. Followed by psychic and medium Jennifer Wallens on some of her cases, readings, and encounters.More »
  • Artificial Intelligence & Cyber Security

    Former White House security advisor Richard Clarke discussed AI, cyber threats/security. In the first hour, former TV weatherman Scott Stevens commented on the dead cattle in Kansas, suggesting it was not caused by the recent heatwave.More »
  • Weather Modification/ Dreams and Dreaming

    Scott Stevens spoke on artificial weather modification. Rosemary Ellen Guiley discussed the symbology and importance of dreams and dreaming.More »
  • Weather Control & Bitcoin/ Magic Techniques

    Meteorologist Scott Stevens talked about weather modification and his interest in Bitcoin. Author John Michael Greer offered tips on using magic.More »
  • Candidate Timetraks/ Weather Modification

    In the first half, futurist Paul Guercio and physicist Dr. George Hart, who developed a software-based forecasting technology called the Merlin Project, shared their timetraks (Merlin's graphical snapshots) of the crowded field of US presidential candidates in the 2016 race. ...More »
  • Investigating the Afterlife

    Host Lisa Garr (email) was joined by private investigator and former skeptic, Bob Olson, who shared insights from his research into the afterlife. In the first hour, meteorologist Scott Stevens talked about chemtrails and weather manipulation.More »
  • Geoengineering & Weather Manipulation

    Climate engineering, also referred to as geoengineering, is the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system. Host Rob Simone (email) welcomed two experts, Dane Wigington, in the first half of the program, and Scott Stevens, in the latter half, for a...More »
  • UFOs & Govt. Investigations

    Author and UFO investigator Kevin Randle discussed the US government's history of UFO reporting, as well as their widespread suppression of evidence, and delved into some of the most remarkable cases among the nearly 100 sightings and occurrences that he's thoroughly...More »
  • Extreme Winter Weather

    During the middle two hours, George was joined by meteorologist Scott Stevens for a discussion on extreme winter weather. In the first hour, investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe revealed how Echelon Security in San Jose, California, was hired by an unnamed agency to...More »
  • Weather Modification / Searching for Bigfoot

    In the first half, meteorologist Scott Stevens discussed strange weather patterns, weather modification, and chemtrails. In the latter half, Bigfoot investigator Cliff Barackman talked about his search for the elusive Sasquatch, what type of evidence stands up, and various...More »
  • Geopolitics / Weather Manipulation

    In the first half of the show, journalist and adventurer Robert Young Pelton discussed various geopolitical flashpoints including Pakistan and Afghanistan. In the latter half of the show, meteorologist Scott Stevens talked about such topics as weather manipulation,...More »
  • Aspartame Special

    In a special on the dangers of the artificial sweetener aspartame, Dr. Betty Martini was joined by a panel of experts throughout the evening. Aspartame, which she described as addictive, can cause a number of problems that people might not realize stem from its consumption,...More »
  • End Times & Biblical Prophecy

    Founder of Endtime Ministries, Irvin Baxter, discussed how biblical prophecies such as from the Book of Revelation are lining up to indicate that we are entering into 'End Times.' In his estimation we are only around six to eight years away from the final battle of Armageddon,...More »
  • Oscar, UFO Phil & More

    Frequent caller and self-proclaimed demon, Oscar returned to the show to inform George that Elvis Presley is not dead. According to the Son of Satan, Elvis is currently in the Midwestern United States under witness protection. Oscar said Elvis will be his next possession victim....More »
  • Hurricane Rita & Open Lines

    George Noory hosted a night of pure Open Lines and offered a special hotline for people in areas affected by Hurricane Rita.Throughout the evening filmmaker and radio host Alex Jones provided updates on Hurricane Rita from his headquarters in Austin, Texas. Mark Sudduth of...More »
  • Health & Diet / Hurricane Katrina

    In the middle two hours of the show, founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Gabriel Cousens M.D. shared his research and methodology. By consuming live (uncooked) foods a person can raise their biophoton levels and thus be more connected to the "living field" and have...More »
  • Weather Manipulation

    Television weatherman Scott Stevens shared his view that Project HAARP or similar technology has been used to manipulate the weather by altering atmospheric waves, and that this has been going on for decades.More »
  • Weather Control

    Television weatherman Scott Stevens believes our weather is being controlled by outside sources. Stevens said he became convinced "something was playing in the sky" after studying visible satellite imagery that showed large weather systems with anomalous "punched out" sections...More »

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