Marine Animal Deaths & ET Warfare

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Marine Animal Deaths & ET Warfare

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Earthfiles investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe, discussed the continuing West Coast die-off of sea stars; concerns that warming ocean waters will allow new viruses, bacteria and microbes to attack marine life; and information about a USAF Lt. Colonel sharing his firsthand briefings and experiences with extraterrestrial biological entities working with the US government to prepare for an impending space war.

In her first report, Linda spoke with videographer and naturalist, Neil McDaniel, about the stunning epidemic which has afflicted over a dozen different species of sea stars. This strange and fast-acting illness, believed to be a virus, causes the animals to first look deflated, then lose their limbs and subsequently rot away before dying. According to McDaniel, reports of these diseased creatures range from "Alaskan waters right down to southern California," leading to millions of sea stars having died from the mystery illness in the last year. Since sea stars are an important part of the oceanic ecosystem, he warned that the mass die-off could have profound effects on the environment which could ultimately "change the very nature of our shorelines." More info.

This segued into Linda's second report which concerned the dangers surrounding rising water temperatures and oceanic PH levels. Marine biologist Chris Langdon explained that oceanic thermal increases pose a dual threat as they can speed up the rate of growth for bacteria and viruses as well as weaken other organisms that have to adjust to living within higher temperatures. Additionally, Langdon noted that the rapid increase of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere is causing the acidity levels of the oceans to also rise at an alarming rate. These factors, he said, are particularly deleterious for coral populations which require specific temperatures and PH levels to survive. Should these issues not be addressed, he warned, the ecosystem of the ocean could be rife with "jelly fish and algae and other scum of bacteria" which may not provide proper sustenance for other sea creatures. More.

In her final two segments, Linda shared an interview with UFO researcher Anthony Sanchez, who revealed ET insights imparted to him by a retired USAF Lt. Colonel. Sanchez recalled that the man claimed to have worked on a weapons system which utilized a guidance system composed of "self-replicating, self-repairable nanosatellites" that possessed artificial intelligence and integrated technology provided to the US government by aliens. The purpose of the weapons system, the colonel told Sanchez, is to target incoming objects from space with an eye on defending the United States in a "forthcoming space war" against ET-human hybrids that are currently working with the Chinese government. Sanchez went on to detail how the conflict is due to a schism which arose in ancient times when the Annunaki came to Earth and created a human-ET hybrid species. More info.

Nat. Parks Petition

In the first hour, former lawman turned investigative journalist, David Paulides, talked about unexplained disappearances in National Parks, and his new petition to make the Interior Dept. accountable in these cases. Paulides noted that, over the course of his research into this phenomenon, he has repeatedly been told by the National Parks service that they do not keep any records or lists of missing people. As such, he is hoping to put pressure on them to create a "centralized registry and database of people that have gone missing in National Parks and on Bureau of Land Management property" that will be posted online and available to the public. Once the petition gathers a significant amount of signatures, Paulides plans to bring it to someone in Congress with the goal of either having legislation created or hearing held.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi & Jim Sanders


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