Strange Stories & Botched Surgeries

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Strange Stories & Botched Surgeries

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George Noory hosted an evening of Open Lines. Gary in Maine expressed his alarm at recent troubling visions he has been having of Moloch, a bull-headed deity to whom child sacrifices were made throughout the ancient Middle East. According to Gary, the heinous creature has appeared on multiple occasions to show him a vision of the future in which on population control is used to deal with unemployment and the redistribution of scarce resources. Gary said this was of particular concern to him as he is a loving father of two children.

Guy from Antelope Valley, California shared a dream he had about Charlie Sheen. Guy recalled sitting inside the house and having a drink with the famous actor as they discussed the possibility of a chauffeur job and the need for Guy to have a very nice suit. Sheen offered to buy one for me, Guy noted. As the dream continued, he was shown around Sheen's home and eventually to a room filled with nothing buy artificial Christmas trees. Guy asked why Sheen had so many trees and was told fans send them to him so he kept a perpetual holiday room in his home.

Several callers shared some botched surgery stories. Mark in Yuba City recounted the time he was working at a hospital as an LPT and watched a doctor pour hydrogen peroxide over the area where a patient's breast had been removed during a mastectomy. The doctor told him the procedure helps kill cancer cells. Andrew from Clovis, California, told George about an unnecessary operation he endured after he was taken to the hospital for chest pains and difficulty breathing. Andrew said he returned to the hospital shortly after release complaining of symptoms similar to bubonic plague and was informed he was allergic to the medication he'd be given and should never have been operated on in the first place.

Decoding The Subconscious

In the first hour, internationally known hypnotherapist and author Giovanni Lordi discussed his work decoding the subconscious mind. "I believe the subconscious is our female side," Lordi said, noting how it is expressive, adaptable, creative, and more in tune with the unknown realms of the world. The subconscious mind needs closure or emotions can quickly cloud the mind, he continued. Lordi shared a case of a 7-year-old girl with an illness that no doctor could identify. According to Lordi, the girl's condition was the result of an overprotective subconscious mind. Hypnosis was used to detach a traumatic emotional memory and her body went back into balance, he revealed.

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