HostLisa Garr

GuestsIbrahim Karim, Josh Tickell

Joining host Lisa Garr (email), the founder of the science called BioGeometry, Dr. Ibrahim Karim, discussed the principals behind it, which include balancing the activities of daily life, achieving harmony with our inner and outer environments, and humanizing modern technology. Karim spoke about the hidden time bomb of electromagnetic radiation in our present Information Age which has the potential to kill off life on Earth. "Any type of electromagnetic radiation is harmful," he explained, noting how it lowers immune system response and is likely the culprit behind numerous contemporary health issues. Karim pointed to a study that found cases of cancer in a particular German town followed an electromagnetic grid pattern. One of the most troubling issues with electromagnetic radiation is that it cannot be dealt with like other environmental hazards, he added.

This is where BioGeometry could help. According to Karim, BioGeometry is a science of quality which examines the effect of anything on a user. A cornerstone of BioGeometry is the energy of shapes and how certain shapes can take energy from the environment, store and radiate its quality. The Great Pyramids of Egypt are able to do this, Karim revealed. The pyramids were positioned over sacred locations to amplify and distribute the powerful harmonizing energy of the Earth and sky, he continued, adding how this energy was a major aspect in the planning of ancient cities. The architecture was in resonance with creation and the sacred power spots emphasized this important spiritual link, Karim said.

Alternative Fuels

First hour guest, filmmaker Josh Tickell talked about his documentary, Pump, which tells the story of America's addiction to oil and alternative fuels that can replace it. Rudolf Diesel made his diesel engine to run on vegetable oil and Henry Ford originally designed the Model T to run on alcohol fuel, Tickell explained. They realized if fuel was controlled by large organizations, then the power would rest with large organizations instead of with the people, he added. According to Tickell, Prohibition was enacted not to make drinking illegal but in order to cut off the means for people like Ford to distribute alcohol-based fuel. He spoke about how newer gasoline burning cars can be switched via software to run on more than one fuel type, including ethanol, methanol, and natural gas. He also suggested that the Millennial generation will take on the challenges of fuel and energy, and radically change them.



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