The Paranormal & Shamanism / Open Lines

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The Paranormal & Shamanism / Open Lines

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In the first half, host Richard Syrett filling in for George Noory, welcomed author Michael M. Hughes, who has performed as a mentalist, and lectured on paranormal subjects, shamanism and psychedelic plants. He'll discuss how inspiration for his writing came from his real life experiences in these areas.

The genesis of Hughes's novel Blackwater Lights was a nighttime UFO encounter he had with his girlfriend in 1990 at Ocean City, Maryland. Hughes said he had a prescient dream the night before and mentally asked for the objects to appear as he stood on the beach that evening. Two orange lights appeared near the water, moved in remarkable patterns, fused into a single light, then split apart again, shot across the sky and disappeared, he recalled. Hughes believes whatever these objects were they were reacting to his thoughts. "They were glowing very bright lights that were moving in ways that I've never seen anything in the sky move like before, and somehow they seem to be related to our consciousness and they can respond, somehow, to our conscious desire to see them," he added.

Hughes referenced ufologist Jacques Vallée, noting these are technological entities capable of manipulating not only time and space but our psychic environment as well. People report having different UFO-type encounters because the experience is being filtered through the subconscious, he suggested. Hughes spoke about ritual magic and shamanism, noting how these practices use plants, drugs, and ritual to alter the consciousness and invoke alien intelligences. He shared his own exploration into psychoactive plants and dream-amplifying melatonin, which he credited for putting him into sleep paralysis and opening a doorway to another realm. Hughes claimed to have awakened from his paralysis to find a bright red hand print on his chest that was much bigger than his hand and with six fingers.


Open Lines

The latter half of the program featured Open Lines. Host Richard Syrett shared a story about dining out with his family and being served by a Goth-looking young woman wearing a gold chain with '666' hanging from it. Several callers phoned in to express opinions about biblical/religious topics and share their stories of confronting evil. Josh in New Orleans recounted the time he and his wife decided to do an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session. "I have never in my life seen anything more evil come into my home and toy with us, move things around, stack stuff up, scratch my wife," he said. Daniel from Yucaipa, California, claimed to have been given the general period of when the rapture will occur. According to Daniel, the righteous will be snatched into the sky sometime during the summer of 2016. Ray in Tennessee told Richard about an occasion when he visited a restaurant wearing a Jesus t-shirt and was told it was offensive to some of the people there.

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