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Terror Attacks / Super Soldiers

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In the first half of the program, history professor William R. Forstchen discussed his analysis of ISIS and detailed the level of terror it could bring to the US heartland. "My great concern is that everything that ISIS has promised they would do, they've done," he lamented of the terrorist group's frightening rise to power. Forstchen also expressed concern that recent CIA estimates suggest that ISIS has grown from 5,000 to over 30,000 members in just a few months. Additionally, he observed that ISIS now also includes thousands of Europeans and hundreds of Americans who have traveled to the Middle East to train with the group. These militants are particularly worrisome, he said, because they can return to their native Western countries and easily blend into the population until the time to strike arrives.

Forstchen theorized that, should ISIS attack America, it will be through a series of strikes against "soft targets," specifically schools in suburban and rural areas. Following that, he postulated that shootings along highways would begin sometime shortly thereafter as panicked parents are rushing to schools to evacuate their children. Such a disconcerting and multifaceted attack, he said, would cripple the American economy and possibly create a Constitutional crisis as the population demands action against this insurgency within the country. On when such an event may unfold, Forstchen chillingly surmised that the terrorists are already within the United States and are simply waiting for a signal to commence some kind of coordinated attack.


In the latter half, adventurer, investigative researcher and writer, Timothy Alberino, talked about his research into clandestine programs aimed at creating super soldiers which will change the way wars are fought. According to Alberino, the goal of the super soldier program is to create a "weaponized homo sapien" utilizing cybernetics, genetic engineering, and other exotic technologies. These super soldiers, he said, would have abilities such as exponentially increased speed and strength as well as 'natural' night vision, telepathic communication, and limb regeneration. Furthermore, Alberino warned, these super soldiers would be "completely controlled, mind and body, by military technicians thousands of miles away."

Alberino speculated that, in the next 10 to 15 years, the creation of super soldiers by the United States military will be a necessity because nations such as China and Russia are already working on similar programs. As such, he deemed these weaponized humans to be an inevitability as America attempts to stay competitive on the battlefield. Alberino also contended that the super soldier program constitutes merely one facet of a larger "new arms race" aimed at recovering and reverse engineering alien technology for weapons development. Moreover, he suggested that this arms race is actually being surreptitiously driven by a "Luciferian faction" at the upper echelon of power on Earth which sees the creation of modified humans as a key step in ultimately enthroning the Antichrist on this planet.

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