Timothy Alberino

Timothy Alberino


Known as the modern-day Indiana Jones, Timothy Alberino is a consummate explorer. His inquisitive mind and insatiable appetite for adventure have led him all over the planet in search of lost cities, lost civilizations, hidden treasures, and legendary creatures. He is also an avid researcher and published author whose scholarly pursuits are as daring as his expeditions. After years of rigorous study, Alberino has garnered an expansive knowledge base that enables him to dissertate with authority on a wide variety of esoteric topics, including theories on alternative history, ancient mythologies, megalithic architecture, giants, Bigfoot, and other cryptids, UFOs and alien abduction, transhumanism and emerging technologies, occult conspiracy, and Christian eschatology.




Past Shows:

  • Peruvian Jungle 'Aliens' / Beatles Secret Archive

    Adventurer Tim Alberino reported on "Face Peeler" aliens terrorizing rural Peruvian villages. Followed by historian Kenneth Womack on the life of Beatles insider Mal Evans.More »
  • Transhumanism & Biohacking/ Stem Cell Therapy

    Timothy Alberino spoke about transhumanism and biohacking. In the third hour, Joseph Christiano shared an update on stem cell therapy.More »
  • Giants: Hidden Evidence/ Underground Reptilians

    Researchers Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberino shared updates on the hidden evidence for giants. Followed by John Rhodes on reptilian humanoids.More »
  • Giants & Stargates/ Future of Space Exploration

    Researcher Timothy Alberino talked about such topics as giants. Followed by space historian Robert Zimmerman on space developments in 2017.More »
  • Jade Helm & Giants

    Author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed details of the Jade Helm 15 exercise going on right now and also covered his ongoing research into giants, including details on an expedition to South America, and manuscripts from the Conquistadors which have been hidden for 450...More »
  • Terror Attacks / Super Soldiers

    In the first half of the program, history professor William R. Forstchen discussed his analysis of ISIS and detailed the level of terror it could bring to the US heartland. In the latter half, adventurer, investigative researcher and writer, Timothy Alberino, talked about...More »

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