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Scientist, futurist, and best-selling author, David Brin, discussed a wide range of topics including how entertainment shapes the perspective of society, adapting our world to embrace new technology rather than fear it, GMO foods, time travel, self-driving cars, and extraterrestrials. He observed that one of the central themes of popular American entertainment is suspicion of authority. Although he called this a "valuable message," Brin expressed concern that the concept has become so entrenched that it has caused people of different political perspectives to become intransigent and unable to find common ground.

Regarding concerns about technology, such as drones and facial recognition, threatening personal privacy, Brin argued that the only way to ensure true freedom is to embrace these advancements rather than restrict them. "If you ban the technology, then you will have accomplished one thing," he warned, "and that's to turn the world over to Big Brother." To that end, he posited that limiting this technology will actually allow it to be horded by the elites, who would not adhere to such prohibition, and keep it away from the average person. As such, Brin countered, people should embrace the technology so that they have the tools to protect themselves from authority run amok.

On the subject of extraterrestrials, Brin was skeptical that aliens are visiting the Earth, noting that the planet could have been safely colonized by visitors at any time over the last four billion years and, thus, it seems illogical that they would start coming to the planet once humans could defend it. He also put forward the idea that the alleged behavior of ETs, such as creating crop circles and mutilating cattle, calls into question the true intelligence of these beings, since such antics seem like juvenile pranks. Beyond that, Brin said, if UFO and ET lore is true, it suggests that aliens are "deeply immoral people" and,therefore, "we ought to just snub them" should they make themselves known to us.

Satanic Activity Books

In the first hour, media analyst and political activist Mark Dice reacted to the news that a Satanic group wants to distribute an activity book to Florida schoolchildren. He dismissed the man behind the initiative as being an "anti-Christian bully and attention-seeking troll" who is actually using Satanism as a front for an atheist agenda. "The hypocrisy is astounding," he marveled, "because we have an atheist group masquerading as Satanists." While Dice conceded that some atheist organizations have legitimate arguments regarding the separation of church and state, he rejected this particular case as more of a publicity stunt. During his appearance, Dice also talked about his research into the Illuminati and his concerns surrounding New World Order research community.

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