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In the first half of the program, teacher for the Unarius Educational Foundation, David Reynolds, discussed the work of Unarius co-founder Ernest Norman and the insights he revealed about Mars. According to Reynolds, Norman was a profound genius who possessed a spiritual intelligence that "we have never seen before on planet Earth" as well as extreme clairvoyant abilities. Using these skills, he claimed, Norman entered into communication with the leader of an alien race that lives underground on the Red Planet. Via a series of 33 astral trips to Mars, Norman was able to document the history and life of these ETs, sharing these revelations in the 1955 book The Truth About Mars.

Based on the writings of Norman, the Martian race are a "peace-loving people" that fell victim to an astronomical catastrophe around 100,000 years ago when a sun-like star in a distant galaxy exploded and hurled debris towards their planet. Having 200 years to prepare for the oncoming onslaught, the Martians decided to move their entire civilization underground in order to survive. Although fierce sand storms occasionally reveal aspects of their subterranean structures, Reynolds contended that "they have very cleverly hidden their society" because "they don't want anybody to come, uninvited, to their world." Over the course of his appearance, Reynolds also shared insights into the nature of Martian society as well as how the history of Mars connects to Earth and the human race.

In the latter half, Jim Harold, host of The Paranormal Podcast, shared some of his latest stories from the world of the strange and unexplained. He likened the appeal of scary stories to riding a rollercoaster, because "you can go on a trip and have this thrill, but you know you are safe." He also observed that people who have frightening experiences often want to share their story with others because they usually hear a chilling tale in return and, thus, feel more comfortable with what happened to them. During his appearance, Harold detailed accounts of spooky situations involving Ouija boards, haunted houses, out-of-body experiences, and contact from loved ones on 'the other side.'

One bizarre tale featured a statue of the mythical god Pan seemingly coming to life. The experiencer, who was three years old at the time, recalled that her family had a heavy, two-foot-tall statue of the mischievous being which was placed on the fireplace in their home. Late one night, the child was awakened by commotion in her living room and spotted the now-animated statue furiously digging through her mother's purse. When it saw the toddler, Harold said, it chased her down the hallway into her parent's bedroom. While her parents dismissed the incident at first, they later discovered the mother's purse sprawled all over the floor and the statue knocked over in the kitchen. "What moved that statue and got that stuff out of that purse, I'd like to know," Harold laughed.

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