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Bermuda Triangle researcher and professor David Pares discussed his investigation into natural occurring and laboratory-induced space warp. He explained that space warp is the process by which the fabric of space becomes compressed due to mass. Pares contended that naturally occurring space warps have been reportedly experienced by several pilots when flying into thunderstorms. Based on these witnesses, Pares said, it appears that "the electric fields within thunderstorms can create a local space warp bubble." Although these bubbles are non-sustainable, he claimed that pilots experiencing this phenomenon have reported being instantaneously projected over distances ranging from 100 to 340 miles.

Drawing insight from pilots who experienced the natural space warp bubbles, Pares formed a company to develop a way of artificially creating this phenomenon. Via a series of experiments using low electricity, his group managed to replicate the space warp effect and control it using a small motor. Furthermore, they discovered that using multiple motors together allowed them to generate a larger warp bubble which could ideally encompass a craft. The next step for Pares' company, he said, is to configure an unmanned aerial vehicle with these special motors and lift the device off of the ground using the power of the space warp effect. Ultimately, should this prove successful, Pares was hopeful that the group could get additional funding which would allow them to increase the overall size of the project and create a vehicle which could accommodate people.

During his appearance, Pares also recalled his UFO encounter that served as the inspiration for his interest in this type of technology. It was in upstate New York in 1969, when a teenage Pares spotted a saucer-shaped craft fly over the top of a mountain. As the craft banked twenty degrees, Pares and his friends could see the top of the vehicle which he described as striated metal. Suddenly, the UFO sped away at great velocity, leading Pares to feel like "this thing knew that we were watching it." Ever since that day, he became obsessed with determining how the craft operated. In light of his present-day research, he marveled that "I think I figured out how it worked," speculating that the UFO was utilizing the warp bubble effect to control the space around it.

Light Beings

In the first hour, vocal expert Stewart Pearce revealed his experience with twelve Archangels who appeared to him as extraordinary light beings. He recounted how, during a meditation session that was part of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, he suddenly heard "a series of extraordinary harmonics" that startled him. Opening his eyes, he saw a dozen, very large, colored orbs floating in front of him and was told, via telepathy, that they were angels tasked with sharing profound information with him. According to Pearce, the key message imparted by the angels centered around love and the importance of the human race to embrace it "so that we may be loved back" by the ultimate divine being.

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