Ebola Preparedness / Warren Commission

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Ebola Preparedness / Warren Commission

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In the first half of the program, author and preparedness expert Mathew Stein ddiscussed the latest information on the Ebola outbreak and how people can avoid catching the illness should an epidemic occur. "It's growing right now at such a rapid rate... faster than all the efforts to contain it," he reported. Ebola is rampant in a large slum in the Liberian city of Monrovia, Stein said, noting the World Health Organization has calculated an overall doubling rate of every three weeks in Liberia. If this rate continues unchecked, Ebola could potentially spread to every person on the planet within 15 months, he estimated.

According to Stein, the U.S. health care system could possibly handle treating up to 100 Ebola cases but would be substantially compromised if 1000 people in the country were infected. It takes 25 health care workers to properly care for a single Ebola victim, he added. "The chances are really good that it's coming to a theater near you," Stein forecasted. To avoid catching the illness during an outbreak he recommended isolation, storing food, and using bleach to purify water. Stein suggested making colloidal silver and using a blood electrification device, which he claimed can kill blood-borne bacteria and viruses. He also extolled the curative benefits of Miracle Mineral Solutions (MMS), which he said has been shown effective against Ebola in test tube experiments.


In the latter half of the show, investigative reporter Russ Baker reflected on the 50th anniversary of the Warren Commission Report and why there is no question that it was created with the express purpose of confirming that Oswald did it, and did it alone. Polls reveal 60 to 85 percent of Americans no longer believe the official story of the Kennedy assassination, he disclosed, noting Oswald either did not act alone or more likely had nothing at all to do with the former president's murder. Baker spoke about how members of the commission was chosen and why, despite its so-called massive 26-volume report, the tragic event remains the greatest national mystery.

"It's just nonsense... our government, frankly, is not in the business of leveling with us," he continued. The Kennedy assassination is essentially the story of a coup d'etat against democracy and how it is hemmed in by the establishment (big banks, large corporations, and military contractors), he explained. Baker suggested the commission was aware Oswald had been either an FBI informant or was somehow connected to the CIA. He spoke about George de Mohrenschildt, Oswald's mentor prior to the assassination, and his connection to American intelligence services and friendship with George H.W. Bush. Baker admitted the commission basically rubber stamped the FBI's conclusions regarding Oswald, noting that other world governments did not reach the same conclusion.

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