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In the first half, investigative reporter Greg Hunter provided updates and analysis on current events including Ebola, unemployment statistics, the stock market, and ISIS and the Middle East. It's a mathematical certainty that we're heading toward a huge financial calamity that will be bigger than the one in 2008, he declared. "Not only businesses will go broke, but governments will go broke," he continued, explaining that the crash is inevitable due to massive amounts of debt that are rampant throughout the economy.

Consumer confidence, housing, and retail sales figures are down, and though the job market reported growth, Hunter suggested that these were just part time and minimum wage jobs. He also expressed concern that the dollar will no longer be the world reserve currency in the near future. Regarding ISIS-- they started out as an offshoot of the Syrian rebels, who were being armed by the CIA, ostensibly to do America's dirty work, Hunter said. But when they began carrying out their own agendas such as taking over Mosul, Iraq, Pres. Obama didn't react in a timely manner, he commented.


In the second half, publisher at Tarcher/Penguin, Joel Fotinos, discussed his work researching the power of the mind to uncover one's life purpose. An expert in the life and work of Napoleon Hill, author of the bestselling book on personal prosperity-- Think and Grow Rich, Fotinos revealed some of the practical tools that inspire and motivate a person to take productive action. One of Hill's messages was that if you become a different person, you will get different results in your life. Rather than focusing on the goal of becoming rich, Hill advised people to discover their passion and burning desire, and in the process of doing that, they often ended up becoming wealthy or wealthier, Fotinos recounted.

Another of Hill's concepts was "sex transmutation," the harnessing or sublimating of physical desire into creative outlets. In Fotinos' book, My Life Contract, he suggests that people begin with a 90-day plan of moving toward their goal or passion. One of his exercises is that every morning you take five minutes to say your goal, and what actions you're going to take to move toward it. Then at the end of the day, you take another five minutes to review how you did. This helps to permeate your life with your desired outcome, he explained.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, James Sanders


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Napoleon Hill pictured holding his book Think and Grow Rich in 1937, was one of America's first self-help writers. His personal finance book which contained "new thought" or metaphysical principles was a huge bestseller, and remains so today. 10/6/14 guest Joel Fotinas has studied Think and Grow Rich, and written several companion works. Read some of Hill's most noteworthy quotes here.

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