Return of Nibiru / Life in the Middle East

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Return of Nibiru / Life in the Middle East

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In the first half, investigative researcher Bob Fletcher shared his exposé of the return of Nibiru (Planet X), which he tied in with the disappearance of federal funds, the building of subterranean facilities, space program changes, and a whole list of other events. "What would cause the corrupted secret government to drop...billions of dollars into over a hundred underground facilities? And then of course we found out that they were being completely filled and supplied with survival foods," and even the old location of NORAD was converted into an underground survival facility, he said.

Fletcher claimed that President Reagan was informed of the existence of a Planet X during the 1983-1985 time period, and his development of the 'Star Wars' defense system may have been an attempt to deal with its approach. Nibiru is still too far out to be seen, Fletcher continued, but it may be what the Mayans were warning about with their 2012 calendar end date. We will first see the planet in the sky as a new star, and it will progressively get bigger and bigger; the time frame will be in the month of December-- either this year, or in the next two or three years, he detailed. When Planet X is imminent, the government will utilize a "giant synthetic terrorist event" or an epidemic out of control to declare martial law, he added.


In the latter half, former investment banker and bestselling author Linda Davies discussed her life as an English expat living in Dubai for almost a decade. She shared her observations about the Middle East and the role of militant Islam, as well detailed how she and her husband were kidnapped on the high seas and held hostage. While sailing in the Persian Gulf, they were spotted by an Iranian naval patrol and apprehended and interrogated for a two-week period. They were able to establish a level of common humanity with their captors, and eventually convinced them that they weren't spies, she recounted.

Davies contrasted the wealth of Dubai and the Emirates (which doesn't have oil) with Iran, which has much oil, but looks like a third world country in many places. This is because a lot of the wealth in Iran is being funneled into the country's military programs, as well as to fund Hamas, Hezbollah, and overseas terrorism, she suggested. Dubai actually felt safer than her Notting Hill neighborhood in London, as the city has a zero tolerance for crime. Davies also spoke about her novel Ark Storm, which is based on a real life weather modification technology in which ionizing particles are sent into the atmosphere via drones. Her book posits that such technology becomes weaponized to unleash massive storms.

News segment guests: Dr. Gary Ridenour, Jerome Corsi


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