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Behind World Events / Mediumship Research

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Documentary filmmaker and alternative media activist Alex Jones is passionate about exposing the forces controlling world events and undermining our personal freedoms. In the first half, he discussed some of the volatile issues unfolding worldwide including the Ebola epidemic, as well as delved into conspiracies around 9-11. A new report predicts total collapse of America by 2025, he revealed, noting that "large financial interests...who are basically vulture capitalists, want a worldwide collapse because they control the government responses to those crises, and will use those crises to finally bring in this authoritarian world government. But if we're aware of this plan...they won't be able to carry it out."

Amongst the public, there is now a total loss of trust in establishment media, and the entire political system has lost credibility, Jones remarked. "No amount of armored vehicles, no amount of surveillance, no amount of warrantless wiretapping...will ever continue the system," he asserted. It's too simple to say that the US is behind the Ebola epidemic, but rather it's criminal elements-- globalists who manipulate governments, and have admitted that they developed airborne weaponized Ebola, that seek to reduce the world's population, he added.


In the latter half, Dr. Julie Beischel, co-founder and Director of Research at the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential talked about mediumship and the survival of consciousness. She approached her research from the perspective of a scientist (she received her doctorate in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Arizona) and tested a group of mediums under eight screenings and training steps, regarding their accuracy and specificity in reporting information about the deceased. The stringent testing, with five levels of blinding, was done in a way to rule out fraud and cold readings, Beischel explained.

Windbridge certified 18 mediums (who volunteered to participate in the research) as being accurate around 50% of the time in regards to the deceased subjects. Interestingly, Beischel concluded that telephone readings can actually be better than in-person ones, because the medium will not be as affected by the sitter's grief, and is able to more readily tune out interference variables. Also a higher price or fee for a medium does not necessarily mean a better reading, she noted.

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