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Children's Evolution / Culture of Numbers

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In the first half, expert in the metaphysical and the paranormal, Meg Blackburn Losey discussed how many new influences in our environment are evolving the next generation of children in unexpected ways, such as we've seen in the Indigo and Crystalline Children. Now, we are seeing children being born with really high frequency energy fields, and they are being greatly damaged by society, schools, and ingredients in vaccines, she stated. Modern medicine does not consider the subtle energy field, and with these high frequency kids, "the conductive material [in vaccines] is literally expanding consciousness away from the body to different degrees, and that's why we're having such a spectrum of autism, and Aspergers," she asserted.

Additionally, a lot of children labeled ADD and ADHD are getting drugged to encourage more "linear" behavior and rote learning. But these kids' minds work differently-- with higher consciousness also comes higher intelligence, and they may have a different way of learning, she suggested. Another of the gifts that this new generation has is the ability to see spirits or even into other realities, Losey said, explaining that spirits know these children are sensitive, so they come and talk to them. Starting in the 2000s, human DNA began changing, with electromagnetic information appearing differently in the strands, initializing new parts that weren't functioning before, and this may be playing into the abilities of children being born now, she added.


Third hour guest, author, publisher and world traveler, Barnaby Rogerson spoke about his latest work on the study and significance of numbers - their hidden meanings, and why they permeate a range of cultural touchstones including the number 13, 666, and 11-11. The number 13 has unlucky associations from the Last Supper, and the idea that a friend may betray you, as well as from ancient timekeeping built around the 4 seasons, and the number 12-- with 13 representing disorder, he stated.

666 is first mentioned in John's Book of Revelation, described as the number of the beast, and it's now thought to be a coded reference to a Roman tyrant. What gives it an added chill, he said, is that if you add all the Roman numerals together [ I=1 + V=5 + X=10 + L=50 + C=100 + D=500 ] it produces 666. Interestingly, if you add all the numbers of a roulette table together, you also get 666, he added.

The last hour featured Open Lines.

News segment guests: Robert Zimmerman, Catherine Austin Fitts

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