Meg Blackburn Losey

Meg Blackburn Losey


Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D., (Dr. Meg as her readers and students love to call her!) is a dedicated and experienced medical intuitive and alternative healer. She is extremely gifted as a full sensory intuitive even when out of body. She has learned the art of multi-dimensional access and interaction and applied these skills not only to her psychic abilities and interpretations, but to her healing modality, "Touching the Light," as well as in her communications with audiences and her students.

She has spent the past 15 years perfecting Touching the Light, learning the nuances that the physical body, Etheric bodies and layers of energy fields communicate in a holistic methodology that addresses every aspect of the life of her subjects. Dr. Meg is a national and international Keynote Speaker and also lectures worldwide. She is the host of Cosmic Particles, a live internet radio show every Wednesday at 6:30 pm Pacific time on the Awakening Zone.



Past Shows:

  • Children's Evolution / Culture of Numbers

    In the first half, expert in the metaphysical and the paranormal, Meg Blackburn Losey discussed how many new influences in our environment are evolving the next generation of children in unexpected ways, such as we've seen in the Indigo and Crystalline Children. Third hour...More »

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