Hidden History & JFK Assassination

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Hidden History & JFK Assassination

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In the first half, George Knapp welcomed investigative journalist Jim Marrs to discuss his extensive research into the JFK assassination, as well as how human civilization may have originated with non-humans who visited Earth. There is compelling evidence that our planet, and perhaps our entire solar system, was visited in the far distant past, he said, citing how water erosion is seen at the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, which would place them from a time period of more than 10,000 years ago. There are also pyramids on the moon, and some of the rocks on the moon predate the Earth itself, he said, adding that during a NASA mission when something was dropped on the surface, the moon rang like a bell, indicating it may be a hollow (and artificial) object.

He believes there are a lot of indicators to support the idea of alien intervention-- that ETs manipulated the DNA of early primitives to create modern man. This is described in Sumerian accounts, and much of Sumerian lore is mirrored in the Bible, he noted. Regarding the JFK assassination, Marrs pointed out that both LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover were on the verge of being forced out of their positions, and had motivation to get rid of Kennedy. Interestingly, JFK had sent a document to the CIA, in which he requested all information on UFOs to be turned over to him by Feb. 1, 1964, he revealed.


In the latter half, JFK assassination expert John Barbour talked about The Garrison Tapes - the only documentary in which former New Orleans' DA Jim Garrison tells the grim details of his case against Clay Shaw whom he arrested and tried for conspiracy in JFK's murder, and the CIA, whom he publicly charged. In addition to the documentary, Garrison appeared on the national TV show "Speak Up America" that Barbour was involved in, and when asked how many people shot JFK, he replied "32" – Garrison had earlier suggested that there were 32 people who knew that JFK was going to be killed.

Barbour cited how the assassination was likely related to Kennedy's executive order for the Treasury to print silver certificates, which would have put the Federal Reserve out of business. "The day he was shot, they stopped printing them," and have never done so again, though the executive order still stands, he noted. He also detailed how the order for Ruby to kill Oswald was traced via phone records to Lawrence V. Meyers, an associate of Ruby's.

Note: Both guests will be appearing at the JFK Assassination Conference later this month in Dallas.

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