JFK Assassination Special XII

Hosted byRichard Syrett

JFK Assassination Special XII

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On the anniversary of JFK's assassination, host Richard Syrett welcomed several guests who shared their latest research on the topic. In the first half, radio host Brent Holland revealed the insider knowledge he gleaned from trusted Kennedy advisor Ted Sorenson. Next, JFK researcher Adam Gorightly discussed Kerry Thornley, who became friends with Lee Harvey Oswald when the two served together in the Marines. In the final hour, author James DiEugenio talked about his work uncovering new information about who was behind the assassination.

According to Holland, there are numerous 'smoking guns' all of which add up to conspiracy. Perhaps one of the most intriguing can be found in comments made by Kennedy advisor Ted Sorenson as quoted by Holland: "This country was changed in all kinds of harmful ways, both domestically and internationally, by the loss of John F. Kennedy, and without inviting a lot more questions... we're all going to learn more this year (2010) about why he was killed." If there was a reason for JFK to be killed, that means there was a conspiracy to do it, Holland suggested. He also spoke about Kennedy aides Dave Powers and Kenny O'Donnell, who claim to have saw the shot from the grassy knoll, as well as Ed Hoffman, a deaf mute man who witnessed the shooter on the grassy knoll behind the fence taking apart his gun.

In the third hour, Gorightly spoke about Kerry Thornley, who met Lee Harvey Oswald in 1959 during basic training at El Toro Marine base and, rather curiously, began writing a book featuring a main character based on Oswald (after he defected to the Soviet Union). Gorightly speculated that Oswald was at El Toro as a spy on some sort of intelligence mission. Thornley claimed he never saw Oswald after 1959 yet both men ended up in New Orleans shortly before JFK's assassination in 1963, he said. During that period Thornley met some shadowy characters, Gary Kirstein and Slim Brooks, that would later lead him to suspect he'd been unwittingly manipulated into a JFK assassination conspiracy, Gorightly explained, noting that Thornley had been specifically asked about how one could go about killing the president.

"I don't think anybody who's every really studied the evidence in that case believes Oswald was the assassin," DiEugenio said during the last hour of the program. According to DiEugenio, Kennedy's foreign policy views are the reason he was assassinated. He traced the development of Kennedy's foreign policy to 1951 when he was in Saigon and saw the futility of the French struggle during the First Indochina War. Kennedy did not believe in using the American military to impose its will abroad, DiEugenio disclosed, noting how the former president was surrounded by Cold War hawks who viewed him as soft on communism and a Castro appeaser. Kennedy's refusal to escalate the situation between the U.S. and Soviet Union was taken by some in his administration as a national security threat and a reason for why he had to go, he suggested.

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