Luciferian Agenda / Autism & Telepathy

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Luciferian Agenda / Autism & Telepathy

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In the first half of the program, editor of Unicus Magazine and expert in UFOs, Robert Stanley discussed how a Luciferian agenda has driven the evolution of the human race and will be culminating in the near future. According to his research, Lucifer is a rogue extraterrestrial who usurped control of planet Earth from his brethren at the dawn of human civilization. This maneuver, Stanley said, led to a civil war within Lucifer's race of ETs and shattered peace accords with other aliens living throughout the galaxy. Meanwhile, Lucifer and his minions created humans as a slave race and purposely kept them ignorant of their celestial origins by deactivating the ET genetic material found within them.

However, Stanley claimed, this alien DNA has begun to slowly reactivate over the last twenty-five years and is due to fully bloom in the not-too-distant future which will awaken the human race to its ET origins. In light of this, he said, the Luciferians have enacted a plan to counteract such a development. "No later than 2022," Stanley contended, "the Gods are going to stage a return to our world and they will present themselves as a savior for mankind." This orchestrated arrival, which will be helped by the UN and the Vatican, will see the Luciferians arrive on Earth in UFOs under the guise of friendly ETs. The reason for this, he posited, will be to maintain control over a now-aware human race and to recruit the species into a military force to be used in the ongoing galactic war.


In the latter half, Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell talked about her recent work researching potential telepathic abilities displayed by autistic children. She explained that her research originated with the hypothesis that, since one of the symptoms of autism is severely delayed language skills, the motivation to communicate would be so strong in an autistic child that they would tap into an innate psychic ability. This theory has actually been supported by some speech therapists who work with autistic children and have expressed certainty to her that telepathy is being demonstrated. Additionally, Powell revealed, there autistic children in India that are said to have clearly displayed telepathic abilities to the point that they are renowned within their communities.

Over the course of her appearance, Powell detailed her personal research into one remarkable American child named Hayley, who was first thought to be a mathematical savant. However, further investigation into Hayley's skills revealed that she only knew the answer to mathematical problems if the person conducting the test knew the solution and she would also mirror an error if the tester made a mistake. In her work with Hayley, Powell devised one experiment which saw the child correctly provide a stunning 155 out of 162 random digits seemingly via telepathic means. Powell hopes to receive funding to take her study of Hayley's abilities even further and, hopefully, document these skills for the scientific community. "I really think that I have a strong chance here of getting people to accept that telepathy is true," she marveled.

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