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Lovecraft & Sherlock Holmes

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In the latter half of the show, long-time scholar Leslie S. Klinger discussed his latest project on the work of New England poet and author H.P. Lovecraft, who is increasingly being recognized as a foundation for American science fiction and horror genres. An expert in Sherlock Holmes and Dracula, Klinger also addressed highly influential Victorian-era fiction which contained fantasy elements. Lovecraft, a reclusive man who died at an early age, published primarily in pulp magazines in the 1920s and 30s, and was not commercially successful during his life.

Some of Lovecraft's stories involved strange, horrific beings who were ancient gods that were somehow being re-awakened as their telepathic signals traversed the world, Klinger recounted. Humankind was portrayed as insignificant in light of these powerful entities, he added. Regarding Sherlock Holmes, there's a cult of intense fandom around the character-- when the stories were first published the popularity was comparable to the Harry Potter books, he noted. One reason for the love of the Holmes character during the Victorian-era was that he used reason and order to solve crimes, and the public wanted to believe that someone could make sense of the violence and chaos that was erupting around them in London, Klinger said.

Current Events

First hour guest, former wrestler, actor, governor, and bestselling author, Jesse Ventura weighed in on various stories in the news, including the grand jury in the Ferguson shooting deciding not to indict officer Darren Wilson. He believes the case should have gone to trial, given that the unarmed Michael Brown was shot six to seven times, and the officer was never faced with cross-examination. He also supported recent state efforts to make marijuana legal for medical or recreational purposes.

Inside Police Work

2nd hour guest, Adam Plantinga talked about his book, "400 Things Cops Know: Street Smart Lessons From A Veteran Patrolman." Police officers have to be a combination of parent, social worker, psychologist and crime solver, he noted. One of the worst situations for police are domestic violence related cases, which can involve alcohol, the woman complainant attacking the cop as her husband is being hauled off, and fights in the kitchen where dangerous weapons like knives are present, he detailed.

News segment guests: Katherine Albrecht, Christian Wilde


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A sketch of the fictional character Cthulhu, drawn by his creator, H. P. Lovecraft in 1934. He first introduced the character-- described as part man, part dragon, and part octopus in a short story in the pulp magazine Weird Tales in 1928. An ancient evil entity, Cthulhu, has since been been featured in numerous other pop culture references and works.

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