Negative Emotions / Giza Excavations

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Negative Emotions / Giza Excavations

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In the first half of the program, Dr. Peter Breggin discussed his work helping patients to triumph over disabling and self-defeating emotions. He explained how guilt, shame and anxiety develop in childhood but end up crippling adults' lives. These "negative legacy emotions" were needed in humanity's early history to help control aggression and impulses, but no longer offer useful benefits, he remarked. Guilt, a self-punishing feeling that prevents us from doing what we want to do, makes us depressed, and often has no relation to reality, he said, while shame is associated with feeling powerless, and can sometimes erupt in violence and anger.

Anxiety can play out as a free-floating sense of something being wrong, and lead to inaction, and the inability to assert oneself, he continued. We need to choose how to live our lives, not based on feeling bad about something, but on finding good things to pursue, taking responsibility, and learning to love what is around us, he suggested.


In the latter half, engineer and rogue Egyptologist Robert Bauval talked about the recent scandals at Giza and claims of secret excavations and tunneling inside the Great Pyramid. He outlined the events associated with what has been called the "Khufu Cartouche Affair," involving accusations that a kind of ancient graffiti featuring a "cartouche" (symbol for a royal name) was stolen from the Campbell’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid in April 2013.

Several German researchers along with six Egyptian officials were charged with the crime, and Zahi Hawass (the former Egyptian Antiquities Minister) accused Bauval of being in cahoots with them. Bauval pointed out that signs of the cartouche being disturbed can be traced back to 2004-2006, well before the so-called April 2013 incident. The cartouche, which has been used as evidence to show that the Great Pyramid dated back to the time of Khufu, may be a false artifact used to cover-up the fact that the Pyramid was built by a far older civilization, he noted. More on the case at Bauval's blog.

News segment guests: Kelly Sweeney, Dr. Gary Ridenour

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