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In the first half of the program, professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University, Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum (book link), discussed the latest efforts in the search for Sasquatch. One promising new avenue, he said, is the Falcon Project, which proposes using a drone to capture stealth video footage of the creature. According to Meldrum, the enterprise aims to develop a 35-foot long UAV, dubbed 'The Aurora,' which could carry an array of advanced imaging equipment and remain in the air between eight to ten hours at a time. Thanks to the help of several benefactors who contributed the money needed to build and equip the craft, Meldrum revealed that "if all goes as planned, the launching of the Aurora may take place as early as next Spring."

He was also particularly enthusiastic about an upcoming conference in 2015, to be held in South Africa, which will gather researchers from around the world and focus on the various Sasquatch-esque creatures that have been reported and studied throughout the globe, such as the Yeti, Almas and Orang Pendek. He expressed hope that such an expansive conference will give rise to more serious public and media interest in cryptozoological mysteries. Over the course of his appearance, Meldrum also shared his opinion on the DNA studies that were done by both Melba Ketchum and Dr. Bryan Sykes as well as the Bigfoot research being conducted by Todd Standing in Canada.


In the latter half, author and researcher Wynn Free shared insights into channeling entities and souls from other dimensions. "They long to make a connection to this realm," Free said of the beings known as the Council of Elohim, who he has been channeling since 2002. However, he observed, "it's very difficult for some invisible group soul in another dimension to let us know that they exist." Therefore, he theorized that entities on the 'other side' require some kind of "nesting place" where they can enter into our Earthly plane and that safe haven is created via energy generated by a channeler. When this circumstance occurs, Free marveled, it is "like the energy and space around you has expanded."

Based on his experience with channeling as well as his research into the phenomenon, Free cautioned that there is potential for negative information and influences to also be conveyed during the process. As such, he suggested that those who are receiving channeled messages should be highly skeptical of the information they receive and to test the insights as best they can. Additionally, Free lamented that "if you start earning a living, putting your channelings out into the world, it starts to negative source." He explained that this is because, once a channeler becomes dependent upon their ability as a means of income, they become less able to discern the veracity of the messages they receive, which opens the door to nefarious forces wishing to spread misinformation.

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