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UFO Disclosure & Abductions

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Host Richard Syrett was joined by UFO researcher Victor Viggiani for a discussion on disclosure, abductions, and his role in convincing former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer to go public with his beliefs concerning the phenomenon. He expressed confidence that UFO disclosure will ultimately happen and pointed to the more positive tenor of the media regarding UFOs as well as growing public opinion surrounding the idea that the government is withholding information about the phenomenon as two key indicators of forward momentum. Additionally, he contended that the truth about UFOs and ETs constitutes too massive a secret to be kept from the human race forever. "A secret and a lie can only last so long and eventually the truth has to come out," Viggiani declared, "I'm as confident in that as I am that the sun will rise tomorrow."

Regarding his work facilitating Paul Hellyer's landmark UFO statements, Viggiani explained that he was tipped off by a friend that the former defense minister had developed an interest in the phenomenon, so he reached out to invite him to speak at an upcoming UFO conference. Although Hellyer initially rebuffed the invitation, Viggiani was surprised when, during a later conversation, he revealed that an American general had shared new insights about UFOs with him and he now felt compelled to share this information with the public. "Literally my jaw dropped at that point," Viggiani recalled, and the duo formulated a plan for Hellyer to come forward with his story. In retrospect, he expressed disappointment that the media coverage of Hellyer's revelations was not as sustained or impactful as it should have been, musing that "we attempted to crack that glass ceiling and, for a moment, we almost did."

A former Catholic school administrator, Viggiani also shared an unsettling story regarding one of his students that may have been an abductee. According to him, a young boy arrived late to school one morning and appeared disheveled and distraught. When he asked the boy what was wrong, the child simply replied "they came back" and described "little monsters" that entered his bedroom through the window via an orange light. Due his work within the UFO realm, Viggiani knew that "there was no way that I could have pursued it" within a professional context. However, he later consulted with famed abduction researcher Dr. John Mack regarding the case and, based on the child's vivid description of events which mirrored many other abductees' accounts, the late Harvard professor became convinced that an abduction had actually occurred.

'Smart' TV Spying:

In the first hour, privacy expert Lauren Weinstein detailed how 'smart' TVs, which are connected to the internet, may actually spying on you in ways that you wouldn't believe. While these new televisions have become increasingly popular because they allow for easier access to streaming video services, Weinstein noted that the same internet connection which makes that possible also allows for manufacturers to covertly collect a wealth of data on the habits of users. Additionally, since many newer model 'smart' TVs integrate a camera, so that people can use services like Skype, he warned that faulty or outdated software can be exploited by hackers to surreptitiously spy on unwitting victims.

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