Hemp Prohibition / Chemtrails & NWO

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Hemp Prohibition / Chemtrails & NWO

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In the first half, a pioneer of the modern U.S. hemp industry, Christopher Boucher detailed the history of hemp. Hemp is more American than apple pie when you look at just what it's done for this country, he commented. "This country wouldn't have even been discovered if it wasn't for hemp-- every ship...that crossed the ocean from Cortez to Christopher Columbus to the Mayflower-- all those ships had hemp ropes, hemp sails," he noted. It was also used for textiles as well as plastic, and was an important aspect of the American economy. "Even Henry Ford made a car out of hemp plastic," he reported. In 1937, it was declared to be "America's first billion-dollar crop" but then dropped off the radar due to the efforts of the petroleum industry, and hemp's association with the demonized drug marijuana.

While hemp and marijuana come from similar plants, hemp contains a very low amount of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in pot. Though many countries around the world grow industrial hemp, America considers it to be a controlled substance and has restricted cultivation. Recently, an agriculture bill eased restrictions in 10 states. Boucher also talked about the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil-- a cannabis compound that treats a variety of health conditions, yet does not make people stoned like marijuana.


In the latter half, activist and filmmaker Shepard Ambellas of Intellihub.com talked about his new documentary, SHADE the Motion Picture, and shared updates on chemtrails and geoengineering, projects he believes are part of the New World Order. Chemicals and particulates are being sprayed into the atmosphere for weather modification purposes and to use the population as test subjects, he asserted. Blood tests of certain subjects in Mojave County, who believed their community had been sprayed, showed they had extremely high levels of such chemicals as barium, and aluminum, he reported. A whistleblower named Chris, a former contractor for Evergreen Air, said he retrofitted five 747s, installing liquid storage tanks, capable of discharging chemtrails into the atmosphere, Ambellas detailed.

He looked at pandemic and fatality response plans (such as newly built mass graves) in conjunction with FEMA and the World Health Organization, and concluded this could be connected to a NWO agenda to reduce large parts of the population. The oligarchs and elites, who want to control people's lives, have taken notice that the public is increasingly aware of their plans, and are trying to step up their game, he suggested. "We need to rise above the oppressors, and we need to demand our freedom. We can't just sit here and marinate while the globalists take over. We need to be proactive-- communication and education are a must," Ambella urged.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Jerome Corsi

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