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CIA Assassinations / Awakening Coaching

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In the first half of the program, professor of American History at Erie Community College, John Koerner (book link), discussed his work uncovering connections between the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King. By following the money trail, Koerner found that the CIA was making a killing in the drug trade in Laos and Southeast Asia, but there were four people who stood in the way of the money flow, and had to be eliminated-- JFK, RFK, King, and Malcolm X. JFK had been considering disbanding the CIA, and was also planning to withdraw from the Vietnam War, and shut down the opium trade, just before he was assassinated, said Koerner.

King, RFK, and Malcolm X were also strong anti-war advocates, and were assassinated by the CIA as well, he contended. Additionally, he continued, the CIA likely eliminated people who attempted to reveal their role in the assassinations, including journalist Louis Lomax who was planning a movie about the death of Malcolm X, when the brakes on his car were cut. Koerner, himself, said he came down with a rare, suspicious illness and was hospitalized for a lengthy period just before his book was going to press. He also talked about his work leading "Paranormal Walks" in two haunted towns in Western New York-- Hamburg, and Lockport.


In the latter half, Arjuna Ardagh, who has traveled the world training more than 1,500 "awakening coaches," talked about his innovative new way of approaching spiritual awakening that begins with having people look at their most authentic or deepest longings, such as what kind of world they want to help create. He related awakening to the sense of "I" or one's identity that takes in sensory input. "When we investigate that which is hearing, seeing, and feeling...we discover a different dimension of ourselves," he noted.

In his training sessions, people generally report the "I" which is hearing sounds comes from a place of silence and stillness, that which is seeing is formless and infinite, and "that which is experiencing the body is actually beyond birth and death." He went on to explain that sound has to exist in a medium that is silence in order for us to hear it, and similarly, form has to come out of a medium that is formlessness in order to be observed. Awakening, he continued, involves freeing ourselves up from unnecessary limiting beliefs. For more, check out Ardagh's additional website,

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