Investigating the Afterlife

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Investigating the Afterlife

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Host Lisa Garr (email) was joined by private investigator and former skeptic, Bob Olson, who shared insights from his research into the afterlife. He attributed his transformation from a skeptic to a believer to a 1999 session with a medium where we was provided with clear information that could only have been provided by someone 'on the other side.' Specifically, he cited hearing from his late father and being told that one of his proudest moments was watching Olson play a saxophone solo while performing in his middle school band. This remarkable level of detail constituted, in his eyes, proof for life after death and launched his extensive investigation into mediums, near death experiences, past life regressions, and other means of understanding what happens after someone passes away.

Based on his research, Olson detailed some of the logistics surrounding the soul, spirit, and reincarnation. He explained that whatever creative intelligence is behind the universe developed a desire to experience life and created souls which are "the part of us that stays in the spirit world for all eternity." The souls, in turn, manifest spirits that will have individual experiences in the form of human lives. When someone dies, Olson said, the spirit then reunites with its waiting soul in the afterlife and resides amongst the many other life experiences that have been generated by that soul. He stressed that the spirit maintains its individuality within the soul, which allows it to return to Earth via medium communication or in dreams. Thus, reincarnation is not a recycling of one's individual spirit but merely a new lifetime being created by the source soul.

Olson also dispelled the popular notion that someone who commits suicide is immediately reincarnated. He posited that the point of our existence on Earth is to learn from our experiences here and, as such, it would make no sense to eschew understanding the events which led to the suicide. Regarding how a departed person feels about their spouse finding a new companion on Earth after they have gone, Olson revealed that "they don't believe in a limited amount of love" in the afterlife and, therefore, such a development is not disconcerting to the deceased. Additionally, he said, the one message that appears to be conveyed most consistently and clearly by those 'on the other side' is that they want their living loved ones to be happy here on Earth rather than mourn their loss or regret disagreements from the past.

Chemtrails & Weather Manipulation

In the first hour, meteorologist Scott Stevens talked about chemtrails and weather manipulation. He suggested that chemtrails could either be used as a measuring device to study the effects of directed energy on the atmosphere or as a means of altering the weather itself. He contended that there is "a global airline that does this work," consisting of nearly 2,000 vehicles tasked with spreading chemtrails in our skies. Looking ahead to the future, Stevens predicted an oscillating cycle of droughts and floods over the next few years, deep cold affecting the east coast and northern United States, and difficulties with crops in the middle of the country. Ultimately, he theorized that goal of the weather manipulation program is to justify a carbon tax imposed on the citizenry of the planet.


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