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2015 Predictions Show

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In our New Year's Day tradition, four prognosticators, in separate hours, shared their predictions and insights for the new year ahead, and beyond. In order of appearance: psychic Joe Jacobs, numerologist Glynis McCants, prophecy expert John Hogue, and spiritual teacher Vincent Genna. First up, Jacobs assessed 2015 as a good year for business expansion or starting your own business, though fuel prices could shoot up again. The worst months for bad weather and natural disasters are January, August, and October; there could be earthquakes sometime before March in the Southern California area, and flooding in China in the August-September time frame, he predicted. The future is like a train track laid out on the road, but ultimately there are choices-- you can speed up or slow down, or you can take another road, Jacobs remarked.

Glynis McCants noted that 2015 (2+0+1+5 = 8) is an "8" year, which means it's going to be about politics, money, and the economy. As the (figure) 8 goes round and round, she foresees the stock market having a cyclical downturn. One of the big events of the year will be the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare in June, she cited, and whether it's a state issue. After the court ruling, she predicts Obama will be forced to work with Congress in coming up with a new solution to his plan. For more on Glynis' work, check out her Demo reel.

John Hogue sees 2015 as a year when it becomes clearer that the days of the American empire are ending, as economic power shifts East, and US citizens redefine what the American Dream means. He characterized 2015 as the "year of the spark" where all the elements are laid out for an explosion. Like the Michael Brown/Ferguson incident, "it's one of those mass mob psychology forces, a tsunami of discontent, and this is how revolutions begin," he said. Hogue also pointed toward early December 2015 as being a key time, when a world meeting on climate change takes place in Paris, but he doubted that leaders would take strong enough actions.

In the last hour, Vincent Genna predicted 2015 will be a particularly difficult year, with people's troubled and divisive energies feeding into global problems. He foresees another tsunami hitting Japan, along with a brutal winter season in the US, and devastating tornadoes and hurricanes following later in the year. Further, he envisions earthquakes along the western seaboard, possibly in Washington, Oregon, or Northern California, as well as an uptick in rare or formerly cured diseases.

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