Challenging the Copernican Principle

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Challenging the Copernican Principle

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Insider of the entertainment industry, and independent scholar Rick DeLano discussed his work researching theories of astronomy, and Copernicus, and how this material has raised controversies related to his new documentary, The Principle (view trailer). Physics has not been able to provide us with any experimental proof of Copernicus' principle that the Earth travels around the sun, and it could just be the opposite-- that the sun travels around the Earth, DeLano stated. While the Copernican argument is plausible, there has never been any scientific demonstration of it because "physics can only talk about relative motion," he continued. "The other possibility is that the Earth is actually at rest in the center of the universe, just as every human being essentially believed for thousands of years."

For his film, he interviewed such scientists as Prof. Michio Kaku, who cited a crisis in cosmology in that the theory of relativity doesn't gel with quantum theory, and how this is the greatest contradiction between theory and observation in the history of science. Kaku, physicist Lawrence Krauss, narrator Kate Mulgrew, and other participants in the documentary have claimed that though they consented to be in the film, they were tricked because they were unaware of its "geocentric" agenda. For an overview of the media barrage against The Principle, see this page on DeLano's site.

DeLano has further concluded that we're alone in the universe. If other "planets are perfectly good for life, and life is everywhere, and they're billions of years older than us, somebody should have turned us into a parking lot, long since...We see an astonishingly silent universe, at least according to the sensors like SETI," he remarked.

Paris Terror Attacks

First hour guest, author and columnist Jerome Corsi reacted to the terrorist attack on French cartoonists and police officers that took place in Paris at the office of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine. The attack appeared to be professionally planned and carried out, so it seemed odd to him that the perpetrators would just leave their IDs in their car. While some have claimed the event could have been staged as a distraction from the Prince Andrew sex scandal, Corsi doubted this, and noted that the ridicule of the prophet Muhammad in cartoons has previously led to threats by Islamic extremists.

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