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Bitcoin & Marijuana / Climate & Chemtrails

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In the first half, reporter David Seaman discussed the latest developments surrounding the digital currency Bitcoin, and also addressed the increasing legalization of marijuana in the US. Bitcoin, a currency free from the control of government and banks, was at one time selling for over $1,000 but has currently dropped down to under $300. People got a little ahead of themselves before the technology had time to settle in, but now major players like Microsoft are accepting the currency as payment for Xbox games and Windows software. "I think it's only a matter of time before it carves out its part of the economy," he remarked.

Recently, $5 million was stolen from a European Bitcoin exchange, but that was only a small percentage of their total amount, he noted. One of the downsides to digital currency is that if someone gets your password, they can transfer the funds out of your account, yet in contrast to cash, Bitcoin can't be counterfeited, Seaman pointed out. Medical marijuana is legal in 23 states, while recreational use has been legalized in Oregon, Washington D.C., Washington state, Colorado, and Alaska. Seaman cited the problem of what happens when a tourist visiting one of those states legally purchases some pot, and then returns to their home state where they could be fined or arrested for carrying it.


In the latter half, physicist and chemist Dr. Marvin Herndon spoke about how the scientific community has been corrupted, the origins of variations in the Earth's climate over time, and the issue of chemtrails. Science, he argued, has been hijacked by a "malevolent political agenda," through its pushing of global warming, derived from assumption-based computer modeling. The evidence for man-made global warming is flawed-- the heat exiting Earth is increasing but not constant, 6.0+ quakes are increasing, and these factors lead to additions of C02 to the atmosphere, not human activity, he suggested.

Yet, a toxic geo-engineering program, the secretive "chemtrails" spraying, has been embarked upon presumably to combat the so-called man-made global warming by putting reflective chemicals into the atmosphere, Herndon continued. Condemning this activity, he said it poisons people with nano-particles of aluminum, barium, and other heavy metals that fall to the Earth, and evidence for this has been uncovered in tested raindrops. Living in San Diego, "you can see the jets spraying the substances out...and eventually with enough spraying, the sky becomes overcast...but these aren't clouds, George, these are chemicals," he lamented.

News segment guests: Tim Ball, Peter Davenport


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