Bigfoot Encounters

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Bigfoot Encounters

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Sitting in for George, Dave Schrader (email) was joined for the entire show by Christine D. Parker, who claims to live in a neighborhood across from an old, creepy forest where Bigfoot and the unknown lurk. Her family has purportedly been tormented by the creatures and according to a Bigfoot investigator they contacted, "They aren’t going anywhere."

"I have always believed in Bigfoot because I just can't imagine people seeing it all the time and it not being a true creature," Parker said, noting her fear of the legendary beast and the forests it inhabits. She said her family was unaware they had moved into Bigfoot territory and thought it odd their new house had so much damage which seemed hard to ascribe to the prior family. Weird activity began with vehicle batteries regularly dying, Parker recalled, adding how she thought it may have been caused by vagrants living in the adjacent forest who wanted to keep warm at night. She also revealed how she thought a peeping neighbor was to blame for the voices and shadows witnessed around the house.

According to Parker, unusual banging sounds would occur whenever her children forgot to put out food for the little animals they thought they were feeding. She described seeing what appeared to be a giant hyena (which don't live in her region) with a sloped back walking along the easement. Bigfoot often mimic other animals and are commonly mistaken as hyenas, she explained. Dave played an audio recording provided by Parker of loud howls coming from the woods which she attributes to Bigfoot. Contrary to popular belief Bigfoot are not harmless nocturnal creatures just out looking for food, she suggested, pointing out how the creatures routinely harassed her family. Parker believes she multiple cryptids, including Dog Men, inhabit the land around her home.

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