Forest Predator / The Unexplained

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Forest Predator / The Unexplained

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In the first half, Dave Schrader (email) welcomed paranormal researcher Steph Young, who discussed a strange and highly unusual predator that is living in the woods and forests all across the world and is able to overpower someone in an instant. Young said she was led into the topic after uncovering stories of people disappearing in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, Mount Kailash in Tibet, and the Markawasi Stone Forest of Peru. She described Markawasi as a dimensional portal and suggested the strange energy visitors have described feeling there is possibly caused by a confluence of ley lines or the piezoelectric properties of granite.

Young reported on a missing middle-aged man in good health found dead in a forest in Ireland, as well as a boy from the Isle of Man who allegedly disappeared for four years into another dimension. She suggested an invisible entity could be involved in the disappearances, pointing to records of explorer James Alan Rennie who claimed to have seen tracks with no source moving toward him, make impact, then continue past. A cloaked mantis-type creature, such as proposed by Michael Ian Black, may be lifting these people and leaving no trace behind, Young suggested. She also spoke about locations around the planet, including Assonet Ledge in Freetown State Forest, Massachusetts, and the Overtoun Bridge in Scotland, where people (and dogs) feel compelled to commit suicide.


During the latter half of the program, writer Roy Bainton shared a round-up of unexplained phenomena, including UFOs, maritime mysteries involving inexplicably missing crews, and episodes of mass panic. He expressed doubt in older UFO/alien reports, such as George Adamski's claim about contacting a race of aliens in the desert in the 1950s. Bainton suggested what we call extraterrestrials are actually interdimensional visitors or time travelers. He traced the beginning of the 'men in black' phenomenon to the Maury Island UFO incident, in which a man dressed in a black suit and fedora shows up after a witness encounters material from a flying doughnut-shaped object. Bainton recounted the tale of British ship Mary Celeste, found abandoned and derelict in seaworthy condition heading toward the Strait of Gibraltar. He credited Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for popularizing (and embellishing) the ship's story. Bainton also talked about 7-ft tall humanoid skeletons with horned skulls and the mystery of the Ourang Medan ghost ship.

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