Preparedness / Planet X & Pole Shift

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Preparedness / Planet X & Pole Shift

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In the first half, radio host and entrepreneur Chris Geo discussed survivalism and emergency preparedness. He cautioned that 2015-2017 is when everything is going to come to a head, with the deceptive agenda of the New World Order stepping up, and possibly destroying the economy in order to exert more control on the populace. In the event of an emergency, FEMA recommends having food supplies for 72 hours, but Geo suggested that people who really want to be prepared for a longer term situation should consider having up to a 3-month supply. Individuals and families should stay put for as long as they can, before they leave with a "bug-out bag" (a travel kit that contains items needed for survival for up to three days), he continued.

"What I recommend is that people prepare for whatever potentially could happen in their region," such as hurricanes in Florida, blizzards in the Northeast, and tornadoes in the Midwest, he commented, adding that people should get to know their neighbors and consider pooling resources together. He shared his own survival story (along with callers during the second hour) about being in Galveston during Hurricane Issac, and how the town was eerily abandoned. Chris and Sheree Geo host the Truth Frequency radio show on Friday and Saturday nights.


In the latter half, attorney, contractor and ET contactee Gordon James Gianninoto offered updates on what he believes about Planet X and a coming pole shift, and how the government and NASA are covering up imminent global catastrophe. Planet X or Nibiru, he said, is 29,000 miles in diameter, and currently 30 million miles away from us, in the orbit between Venus and the Earth. Lately, it's been seen just after sunset as a faint blue-green or blue-gold haze just above the western horizon, he reported. Gianninoto, who bases some of his information on messages that contactee Nancy Lieder claims to receive from the 'Zeta' ETs, said that Planet X is inhabited by a race of 8-12 ft. tall humanoids known as the Anunnaki.

The nearing of Planet X, which has comet-like tails that are attracted to the Earth because of static electricity, is what brought down to the two Malaysian airliners, and was a factor in other transportation disasters, as well as extreme weather, he suggested. When the rogue planet comes within 14 million miles, "it's going to grab the mid Atlantic rift and slide it up over the North Pole of the core...making Recife, Brazil the new North Pole," he posited. For more, check out Gianninoto's radio show, The Whole Agenda.

News guests: Christian Wilde, Jerome Corsi, Catherine Austin Fitts

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