Montauk Project

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Montauk Project

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Guest host Connie Willis (email) welcomed Preston Nichols, former chief engineer at Montauk Air Force Station/Camp Hero, for a discussion on his alleged work involving mind control, time travel, and alien-reversed technology. He said the project began after researchers at Brookhaven Labs discovered their stealth technology could affect the human mind and amplify thoughts. Nichols commented on Christopher Garetano's Montauk film (see below), which focuses on the mind controlled 'Montauk Boys,' noting that in addition to torture the children were also raped. "My part of it was to put it all back together again and make the kid appear normal," he revealed.

Nichols reported on the infamous Montauk chair, which could purportedly detect transmissions from the nervous system and essentially read a person's thoughts. He claimed the Tesla (and possibly alien) technology in the chair could manifest real objects as well as allow for time travel, depending on the abilities of the person sitting in it. Nichols spoke about his frightening experience going through the Montauk time tunnel, describing how it felt like dying and being recreated again. He also connected the Philadelphia Experiment to the Montauk Project, noting how a space-time bridge was created from Montauk Point to the USS Eldridge in 1943.

Montauk Chronicles

In the first hour, writer and director Christopher Garetano talked about his new film, Montauk Chronicles, which recreates the dramatic events that supposedly occurred beneath the surface of Montauk Island. A covert faction of the government moved into Camp Hero after the Air Force left the facility in 1971, he reported, adding that several men, including Stewart Swerdlow, Alfred Bielek, and tonight's guest, Preston Nichols, claim to have been involved in experiments there.

According Garetano, thousands of runaway and orphaned boys were abducted and used as guinea pigs in a mind control program. "To fracture the mind of the child they needed to put them through a series of traumatic events," he explained, noting how drugs and various forms of torture were used to turn these children into programmed assassins. Garetano spoke about one such man, Montauk survivor James Bruce, who was allegedly identified in grade school and brought to the facility for training.

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