Christopher Garetano

Christopher Garetano


Christopher Garetano was born in New York and grew up marveling at the galaxy of discoveries within his parents’ video store; while immersed in special effects makeup, creature features and moviemaking since he was five years old. He is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a degree in film. Christopher is the creator and director of the award-winning docudrama, Montauk Chronicles (2015). He is the co-creator, co-director, executive producer and co-host of the History Channel’s The Dark Files(2017). In 2019 Christopher created, executive produced, directed and hosted his eight-episode investigative series, Strange World for the Travel/Discovery Channel networks. Christopher is the host and creator/producer of the ongoing weekly podcast, Off To The Witch. He’s also preparing to release the first feature-length chapter (A Haunting We Will Go) of his new, TV docuseries. He is not only currently preparing to adapt South Texas Blues into a TV miniseries, but he also wrote and is developing his first feature-length horror movie, Bury Me In A Nameless Grave.



Past Shows:

  • Horror Movies / Southern Gothic

    Film historian and horror movie fan Christopher P. Garetano discussed some the greatest horror movies of all time. Followed by Brandon Schexnayder, host of the Southern Gothic Podcast, who shared eerie tales from the American South.More »
  • Horror in Film & TV / Open Lines

    In the first half of the program, independent filmmaker Christopher Garetano discussed the horror genre of film and television. Followed by Open Lines.More »
  • Montauk Project Revelations / Oswald and his Doppelganger

    Christopher Garetano shared details about the secretive Montauk Project. Followed by George Schwimmer on his theory that there were two Oswalds.More »
  • Secrets of Montauk / Open Lines

    Christopher Garetano discussed the Montauk secret military base legend. This was followed by Open Lines.More »
  • Encounters with Strange Entities

    Host Connie Willis (email) welcomed paranormal researcher David Weatherly for a discussion on encounters with strange entities, which have been reported throughout the ages involving the djinn, shadow people, grinning men, pukwudgies, and black-eyed children. In the first...More »
  • Montauk Project

    Guest host Connie Willis (email) welcomed Preston Nichols, former chief engineer at Montauk Air Force Station/Camp Hero, for a discussion on his alleged work involving mind control, time travel, and alien-reversed technology. In the first hour, writer and director...More »

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