Untimely Deaths

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Untimely Deaths

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Renowned Marilyn Monroe expert Jay Margolis and New York Times best-selling author Richard Buskin discussed the untimely deaths under suspicious circumstances of some of the world's most iconic women-- Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, and Whitney Houston. The authors concluded that Marilyn was murdered-- just two days before she'd threatened to hold a press conference revealing what was in her diary, including details of her affairs with JFK and Robert Kennedy, and revelations about the Mafia and Fidel Castro. Witnesses saw RFK and two LAPD gangster squad members enter Monroe's house the night before her body was found, Margolis reported, adding that they went there to get her diary.

Trying to quiet Marilyn's screams, which neighbors reportedly heard, Bobby put a pillow over her head, while the police officers gave her nembutol injections, in order to calm her down. "When that didn't effectively subdue her, they gave her a drug-laced enema full of 13-19 nembutols and 17 chloral hydrates," which knocked her out, and accounted for the purplish color of her colon in the autopsy, said Margolis. The next day when ambulance attendants seemed to be successfully reviving her with a resuscitator, her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson suddenly arrived and gave her a syringe with a brownish fluid, Margolis continued. Peter Lawford who was on the scene, revealed in 1983, that Bobby Kennedy had told Greenson that 'Marilyn has got to be silenced.'

Princess Diana's death was also a murder, and subsequently covered up, the authors contended. Diana's driver Henri Paul was actually sober, and his blood report was mysteriously switched out with someone who committed suicide that day, Margolis suggested. It was claimed that the tunnel cameras where the accident occurred weren't working that day, "but that can't be true because another driver later received a speeding ticket which was caught on camera in that very same tunnel only minutes before Diana's car crashed," Buskin detailed. There were also mysterious circumstances concerning Whitney Houston's death, including her bathwater being scorching hot, and bruise marks and defensive wounds on her body, Buskin noted.

New 3-Wheeled Car

First hour guest, Paul Elio of Elio Motors talked about his development of a low-cost, high mileage, three-wheeled vehicle. The premise behind the 'Elio,' which is only half the width of a normal car, is that most households have need for just a single or two-person vehicle. Running on regular gas, this new category of vehicle will get 84 mpg, run at normal speeds, and list for $6800. With orders so far for 40,000 cars, they are targeting a release date during the first half of 2016.

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