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Finding Peace/ Bible & End Times

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In the first half, author and teacher Allan Lokos joined George Noory to discuss the devastating plane crash that put him on the path of helping others come to grips with tragedy and realize that they can indeed move on to find the peace and freedom that will make their lives strong again. He recounted how, in December of 2012, he and his wife were on vacation in Myanmar and their plane crashed during a short flight. When the craft plummeted to the ground, it caught on fire and filled with thick, black smoke from burning fuel. Desperate to flee the harrowing scene, they were forced to dive through an emergency exit which was engulfed in flames. However, Lokos' escape was thwarted when his leg got caught and he was trapped amidst the inferno, suffering third degree burns on thirty percent of his body.

Despite the assessment of numerous doctors that expressed doubts about his chances for survival, Lokos ultimately recovered enough to return to teaching after only five months of treatment for his injuries. In turn, he became inspired to write about his experience as a way of offering hope and guidance for others who have experienced tragedy or trauma in their lives. "In a sense, we all go through crashes throughout our lives," he mused, pointing to divorce, the loss of a loved one, serious illness, financial hardships, and other profound challenges which people may face during their lifetime. Amongst the advice imparted by Lokos is for people to accept difficult situations as a part of life, to avoid blaming themselves for their predicament, and to focus on the fact that "it's going to change for the better."


In the latter half of the program, President of eBible Fellowship Ministries, Chris McCann, detailed the discovery of biblical evidence that indicates October 7th of this year, the final day of the Feast of Tabernacles, could be the physical end of the world. He argued that Harold Camping's end of the world prediction of May 21, 2011 was not an incorrect prophecy because "we've discovered that it was actually Judgment Day as God indicated it would be." To that end, McCann explained that "it was a spiritual judgment rather than a physical judgment" and, thus, the prediction only appeared to be in error since it was not overtly obvious to the world. "The Biblical evidence is that we were correct concerning Judgment Day," he claimed, "regarding the nature of the judgment, we were off."

In light of this assessment, he argued that the term 'Judgment Day' is a misnomer since it is not a single event, but a "prolonged period of time." Based on numerical information contained in the Bible, McCann surmised that this period likely lasts 1,600 days and, therefore, would seem to culminate on 10/7/2015, when the world will literally come to an end. He stressed that this timetable is not based on dreams or visions and, instead, is reliant on biblical insights which were previously hidden by God but are now becoming clearer as Judgment Day nears. Should the world not come to an end on October 7th, McCann's next course of action would be to "keep looking to the Bible" for clues as to when Judgment Day will arrive.

News segment guests: James Sanders / Jerome Corsi


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